Monday, August 15, 2011

I am here, my friends

Hello everyone. I am back. I have been away from the blogosphere, because... let's just blame it on my parents (cause they are to be blamed and I am a teenager now, so it comes naturally).

Tonight, Pap's helping me blog. Yea I know, he is awesome. My dad, you see :)

Fellow felines and human companions, here's the big news. I, with my family, have moved house. It is a double storey place. And, I luurrve it (purrrrrrrrr). Although this is a story the ends well, it didn't start good at all.

First I saw Mom packing everything we have into those weird cardboard boxes one week after another. It was fun at first, as you know I am an activity freak. Don't get me wrong, I like to watch activity more than doing it myself. Anyhow, so it was fun activity to watch. But then my favourite stuffs started disappearing. And worse of all, one day most of my toys went into one box.

I did everything a kitty can do in this sort of situation. I whinged, then tried to take those sticky tapes off that box. But that didn't help. Mom did tell me that I would get those back soon, but when a kitty wants his stuffs back, he means immediately. So naturally, I tried to eat those menacing tapes. But here's the news, Mom and Dad wouldn't let me do that. They covered the box with a cloth. So I did the second thing that comes naturally, I slept on the box. And to my surprise, that was allowed. I at times don't get these parent types.

Coming back to my story... Just when I was getting used to all these weirdness, one day three big men came into our place and started taking all those boxes. Being a great kitty that I am, I again did the most natural thing that one can do, I hid under the sofa. And just when I was about to get comfortable under the sofa, wait for it... they took the sofa. Can you even imagine? It was a life changing experience. I always thought, no matter what happens, that sofa will always be my saviour. It was my unshakeable and unwavering protector. But alas, life has now taught me otherwise. And I learn quick. So demonstrating my quick-wit, I took refuge into the built in robe. After a while, all went calm again. So I came out, just to see Dad sitting on the floor with nothing left in the house. Yes, everything was gone. Everything that was of my home, was gone. And Dad didn't seem even a slight bit unhappy about it. But I will be honest here, I was distraught. Too many changes were happening too fast.

Anyhow, being a positive kitty that I am, I decided to make the best out of it. I suddenly realised that this unfortunate event has opened new places for me to explore, places where I could never reach before. So explore I went. Dad followed me everywhere and didn't let me do some fun stuff I really intended to do, but meh, I still got the most out of it.

After a couple of hours, Dad received a phone call from Mom and he decided to put me into my carriage. Yea, that carriage was the only thing that was left besides a few meaningless bags. I know what follows that carriage, yes, that menacing car. And then they generally take me to the vet. I was feeling well enough, so I wasn't sure why he would take me to vet now. Oh wait, if not vet, then, then... it must be cat hotel. OH NOES!!! I had to stop this from happening. So I started crying. Dad tried to pacify me, but I knew I couldn't go weak here. I had to shout out of my lungs, I had to give my best whinging performance. But you know, that Dad of mine, he is a real smart fella. He knows every ins and outs of me. You know what he did? He called my mom and put her on the car's audio speakers. Now, how can a kitty not calm down listening to the sweet soothing voice of Mommy? I was feeling better, I was feeling reassured. She told me that she is waiting for me at the new place and how I would have so many windows to watch from; and above all, how the cutest, the best and a brave kitty I am. So all was good and I was also told that the journey will end soon.

So eventually the car stopped at this new place. And Dad took me inside. I was careful to inspect every room, every sound, every new smell. Then there was this new thing. It was like a cat tree, which Mom and Dad called stairs. I was very curious but as always careful. So I slowly climbed those stairs and went up there. Trust me, it was AWESOME! It was love at first sight :)

Now It has been a week and all my toys and cherished stuffs are back. They are not in the same place, but I like the new setting. And climbing stairs up and down is fun as. Mom and Dad always told me that they love double storey houses and seeing me going up and down the stairs in one such place one day would be the cutest thing to watch. Let's just say, they were damn right. I love them. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snooze, Sniff and Snoop

My Papa is a gamer. He plays a lot.

Now... Being the curious kitty that I am- naturally, I needed to 'snoopervise' his 'gaming things'... Anyone would want that- right?

First I gave it a sniff, then a bite- and even then, the XBOX controller was no more interesting than a 'wall clock' is [can somebody explain why humans find wall clocks so interesting? Humans are rather silly, aren't they?]. Why would someone want to play with that thing is something my kitty head cannot figure out!

Anyway, in the end, I decided to ignore it and snooze a little. *Yawn*.

Humans *nods head*...! Who knows what goes on in their heads!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Busy Body

Oh kitties... I am so busy these days....!!!

My humans are home these days- and there's so much to do!!!

I'm playing playing playing like there's no tomorrow....


1. I am now the humans' official alarm clock. 

2. I am also their lap warmer. 

3. And their groomer. 

I guess I'm just very happy that they decided to stay at home with me in this holiday... instead of taking a stupid vacation! 

Now they know how much better this option actually is! About time too.