Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sherkhan is back!!!!!

Hello my friends! Hope you all have been well. I have been, too; at least most of the time.

My humans were away for a long time and I stayed in a cat hotel during that time. Mama called the hotel every alternate day to check on me and the nice nurse told her more than once that I was a ‘beautiful little boy’. Someone needs to be reminded that I am now a year and 9 months old, I’m NOT little... but of course, Mama was happy and I can’t complain- I guess I AM sorta beautiful...

And just a few days before my humans got me home, I got ‘cat flu’. And let me tell you- it is a fatiguing, mind-blocking menace and it makes you sneeze and cough! It was so bad, I slept with all my floof in complete disarray ALL DAY! I poured my love on Mama though... and Mama cried more than once too. I guess she was all-guilty for leaving me in a cat hotel for so many weeks!!!

Here is a photo of a sickly me, sleeping on Mama's shoulders.

Happy to report that I am all better now; YAAY! I had my last dose of the antibiotics yesterday, so I guess for some time at least my humans will not have to force those down my throat! Not ONE of us like this activity!

Okay... so let’s see what I have missed posting...

I know! July’s Happy Cat Award! But worry not, my kitty friends- I shall post it soon... maybe tomorrow?!?!

Also- I got my lovely Christmas gifts from The Island Cats! I have participated for Christmas in July, you see? I got loads and loads of gifts that is driving my kitty head crazy with excitement, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! I will post the pics in the next few days as well!

... but a big THANKS to The Island Cats, I absolutely LOVE the gifts!!!!