Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Cards

Hello kitties,

Just so I can have a chance to say ‘thank you’ to my regular readers- kitties, woofies and humans regardless- I have decided you all should get a card from me this holiday!

But of course- for that to happen, I’d need your home addresses :)

If it’s okay with you and if you’d like a card- please send me your address by leaving a comment here or mailing to mama at emcie at y7mail dot com.

That’s all for now. See ya soon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Magic Meows

I have noticed one thing- meows work!

And if you are consistent with your meows, they work like magic!

Like if I want the human to play with me the meow I make is ‘meowwwwwwww’, or if I want cuddles the meows I make are sort of like ‘meeeeeeeow’. Be consistent, do it a couple of times and the humans start to ‘get’ it.

Try it, and tell me how you go- okay?

Sometimes the humans need some basic training, but I have to say they do make good pets!


Friday, November 27, 2009


I’m just dropping in to see how everyone was doing! I’m doing well! Growing up and recovery is still in progress. Meanwhile, I’m keeping up my cute kitten ways- thankyouverymuch. Pancreatitis is a nasty disease to have. Even after you are good and kicking, the weight takes time to pick up. I’m still on the special diet, but I also like it these days- unlike a few months ago when I was constantly refusing my food! These days, I eat them up quick and on some days I ask for more!

My humans are busy. I think Mama is a little sick too- she smells different. But it may be that she is also getting better. She needs to have a few tests- blood etc- and then she will be cleared.

Mama is also taking driving lessons for her license. As if she did not have enough to do already! Meow!

There was a bad storm in Melbourne yesterday- lots of lightning and loud sounds. I hid under the sofa, hoping that those lights will not find me there. They didn’t! I guess it means that my house is a safe place.... even those lights cannot find me when I’m in the house! How cool is that?

So? How have you kitties been?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life of a Kitten!

Many thanks to my sweet friend Brandi and her Mama for remembering me :). My Mama needed the ‘push’ I guess. I have been here- around- and mostly well; but my mama was under some sort of ‘spell’ and papa totally lazy- that leaves me with no one to help me blog.

Here is my update; I’ll try to keep it short:

I am one-year old now and officially out of kittenhood. Things are nothing much different though. Mama keeps saying that I will always be a kitten to her and she keeps on treating me like one. I still claim her lap and bestow all sorts of affection on her when I see her after a break of a few hours and I still look around for Papa because he has my most favourite lap! I keep doing the kitten things, after all- I have never learnt to ‘grow up’.

It’s summer in Aussieland now. Very hot- around 33 degrees Celsius everyday (that is 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit, for your ease of understanding)! Mama seems to like it. She’s mostly enjoying the crazy dry heat and the sunlight, Papa too (crazy humans!). Not me though. After all, I have a fur coat that I have to wear all the time; can you imagine how hot it gets under this coat? Well, let me answer that. It gets VERY hot! Not good at all! The strange thing is- it’s not even the ‘peak’ of summer. I cannot imagine how much more hot it will get in the dreaded month of ‘January’. Meow!!

I’m still on my special diet and I’m still losing weight. I have lost another 20 grams in the last two weeks. I had started with 4.5 kg 2 months back to 4.3 two weeks back and now I weigh 4.1 kg. The vet human, Laura, thinks I should have gained weight after I am cured from Pancreatitis- but she is not too worried because I look healthy and my coat looks beautiful and since I am now one year old- I will not be gaining weight as much as I used to while I was still a small kitten- anyway.

Since its so hot now- I’m shedding a lot. Mama needs to clean the house everyday to get rid of my furs. I got a new fur bush, too- to groom me better- that way I should shed less. Mama’s not sure it’s working, because I keep shedding just as bad. Meow!

This is it for now, kitties. Mama promises to help me blog more often from now on. Her work is keeping her busy, she is an ac-coun-tant, you know- she says those wretched numbers tire her eyes too much to do anything else at all, but she’ll be better from now on. She loves and misses all of you, too.

I hope all of you have been well...! Purrs, meows and head butts to all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A letter from a happy kitten

Hi kitties,

I’m back!

Actually I was always here- it’s my humans who weren’t. This time it was Mama who was hit by what she calls ‘a bad flu’... she still is suffering, but a little better now. She sounds different- with sort of a broken voice and all; also she smells a little different- she says it’s the anti-bio-tics that makes her smell like ‘medicine’ all the time. She stayed home some days, to my delight- but she went back to work today and I’m mad at her for that. Meow!

My second bloodworks result came in and it seems like I’m cleared from the Pancreatitis finally. I go back to the vet’s again next week though, since I have lost a little weight (0.25 grams) - and for a young and (now) healthy cat like me, losing weight is not ‘normal’. Laura, the vet, thinks it’s because I do not like my ‘prescription’ food much and do not eat as much as I used to. They’ll see next week and probably put me on another diet. I hope they give me a good-tasting food this time.

I’m turning 1 on the 21st of this month- Mama says that is still a couple of weeks away. That means that I have been with my humans for 10 months now. I guess months and years are a ‘human’ way to measure ‘time’. I don’t understand them much. To me, this seems like a lifetime. I’m a happy cat. I hope the humans and I can keep keeping each other through the ‘years’ and continue being ‘happy’.

That’s all for now, kitties. All the best to you all. I will post again, when the Mama is less busy and less ill :)



Monday, September 28, 2009

Play time!

The headache that Mama had through last week- continued through the weekend, too. But she was still better because she was home; and I was home... and Papa was home.

There is no place like home, after all. We cats know that. Sometimes humans do, too.

Anyway, see the photo- you’ll see I had fun... with Sam the puppy, Greenie the croc, Toydle the turtle. Also, I think bean bag sofas are one of the best things that humans ever invented!

Okay, I’m off to meow at my humans. Hope you had a good weekend!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is my human cheating on me?

I’d like to apologise to the kitties and humans who read my blog and left comments in the past few weeks. I have not been a good friend lately. I have things piling up on me- have lots of blogs to visit. I blame it all on Mama.

Sherkhan, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Mama had a headache yesterday. She said it was caused by some sort of wisdom tooth (?) coming out and err... fire alarms (!). The fire alarm went off at her work- as there was some sort of fire in the downstairs supermarket- and that sound, together with the pain in her gums, gave her a ‘migraine’.

She skipped dinner last night and locked herself up in darkness of that room in our jungle... you know, the one with the huge human bed? Yes, there.

Now... how is THAT going to help things exactly is beyond me.

She went hunting this morning though. My point is- if she chose to be all by herself last night, shouldn’t she have stayed in with me today at least?

I feel so un-loved! Do you think she found herself another kitten to love?


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A cat’s life

I'm Sherkhan!!!, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Oh boy, have I been busy! Actually, me and my human- both. Otherwise- life has been well.

My friends will be happy to know that I am now much used to my new (prescription) food. I don’t meow for my favourite brand of food anymore. I think I now know my humans will not give it to me. Mama wishes that I find the new food taste good, too. I do now, as I have started to ask for more food after finishing what is in my bowl on some days.

I’m getting to understand that this new food is probably doing me good- my tummy hurts less and yesterday, after many months, I asked Papa to play the shadow game with me. He did. He was very happy to see me jumping high up on the wall. Mama too.

Tuesdays are vet days. I like the vet a little less with every visit- she pokes and prods me and measures my temperature (I hate this part the most); and then she’d give me the vitamin injections that pricks my skin for a long long time afterwards. But Mama says I should not feel like that. She likes the vet, because she believes that human has saved me from much more suffering in the future. Sometimes humans speak like they can see many alternative futures through some crystal ball. I don’t know if they are right.

I am a cat after all... and I am a much happier cat than a few weeks ago, too.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Changes Changes Changes

What goes there, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Mama and Papa have been giving me the special diet that I’m supposed to be on since I have been diagnosed with Pancreatitis- it’s been some days now.

I’m getting used to the change; very very slowly!

I used to have the Science Diet Chunky Meat in Gravy- the high in protein nutritious diet that is very good for growing kittens- from Hill’s.

I am a wet-food person-cat; I eat dry food, too- but just as a snack through the day; wet food is what I eat as my meal! Yum! Bring it on, Mama-Papa! Meow!

Since I was diagnosed with the disease, some things have changed in my life- the major one being my food type. I still get Hill’s- but not a Chunky Meat version of wet food, rather those dull ‘minced’ kind. I have refused my food and meowed plenty to my humans so that they switch me back to my old food, but they just won’t listen!

They say that those high protein diets can be deadly for me now (as they’ll make my sick pancreas to release the enzymes that would make it decay itself) and they just cannot be indulgent now, even though it breaks their heart. I don’t understand. Those taste so good- how they can be so bad for me! The vet says that since I got Pancreatitis in such a young age, I might need to be on a special diet all my life; that sounds like a long time!


Also- I got my first Vitamin injection shot last night. That seems to have to go on for some weeks as well... *sigh*.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cat Shower

That day, Mama was sad. She did not feel like doing a thing, she even left work early.

Papa thought Mama needed some cheering up and he sent Mama this video:

This made Mama smile, despite her mood that day.

Mama thought she would help me post this video in my blog- in case you need to be made to smile, too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pancreatitis in Cats

Precursor to sobriety, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

It has finally been diagnosed; I have tested positive for ‘Pancreatitis’.

It explains my five vet visits in the last two months for vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation. It explains my meowhhs to Mama and confirms Mama’s gut feeling that something was indeed wrong with me. The vet thinks I have had this thing for some time now.

From this website, in short, Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas caused by leakage of active digestive enzymes into the pancreatic tissue. Which means, my Pancreas*- instead of doing its job of breaking down fats and proteins into simpler forms is inflamed and unable.

For now, I am to be put through a prescription diet; one of the simpler ones that does not put too much pressure on my pancreas. This may be a lifelong thing, as in- I may need to be on a special diet all my life. Mama will go to the vet today to pick up my new food.

I will also have to take a weekly injection for Vitamins (Mama is not sure if this also is a lifelong thing). Mama thinks since the new food is simpler for my digestive system break down into the necessary fluids- so that my pancreas does not need to work too hard and has time to heal- I will need to be supplemented with Vitamins- but she needs to ask the vet if that really is the reason.

The third thing is that I will have to take pain medication. This disease causes a lot of pain on the stomach, and even though cats are less complaining and more prone to hide pain- than dogs are- the pain is still there- pain medication will be a way to help me be comfortable.

So, this is it so far in my health grounds. While my parents are much distressed that I am in so much pain in such a small age (I am 10 months old!), they are determined in getting me fixed and making it as comfortable for me as possible.

One advice from my humans to all the kitty parents out there- if you can afford it at all- please think about getting a pet insurance. They know how much you love your kitties, and it will be easier for both you and your kitties in the long run. Mama-Papa had one taken for me since I was 2 months old and that has been much helpful for them. In the last 2 months the vet bills have been more than AUD $650, and the parents will be able to get most of it back. It is a large amount of money regardless and without the insurance taken for me months back, it would have been very very difficult for them to manage. Another thing is that the prescription diet that I will need to take, the cost can be claimed by the insurance; as well as the cost of Revolution.

If you need some information about pet insurance, please leave a meow and Mama will try her best to help you with whatever information she can provide.

That’s all for today, kitties and humans. While my parents are still very upset- they are also determined that they will NOT let anything happen to me.

*The pancreas is a pale pink, lobulated organ located near the liver & behind the stomach. More can be found here, if you are a knowledge junkie as my Mama is.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I dream in lofty clouds, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

I apologise that I have not been updating much.

I have been a little ill again and still am a little tired. Mama has written about my illness on her blog, but both of us are too tired now to do the same on mine right now.

I’ll be back to my catnap and Mama will now go to bed for her nap, but you can read the details here if you are interested.

Alternatively- I will try and let you all know how I am doing once I am feeling a little less sick.

We hope the ‘linkies’ actually work. We have not even checked if they do, we are so so very tired!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I’ve been well. You?

I was taken to the vet last week- for what I’d think is nothing out of ordinary- constipation, as humans call it. Mama had read somewhere that constipation might not be a disease in itself- but it can be a symptom of some. Obviously, just because someone has written it into a book and printed it- the human needs to believe it.... ‘almost annoying’- the humans, as I meowed earlier.

I should write a book someday with the mantra ‘no vet visits EVER please’. Do you think that’ll help the Catkind?

This vet who saw me that night wasn’t so bad though. I think his name was Andrew Telford, and the way he handled me seemed less humiliating, if you know what I mean; I also like Rachel McCue- she handled me one time before... when the humans were hit by another bout of paranoia some months ago.

So kitties, if you live in Melbourne and looking for good vets around- you may want to try these two. They are not AS bad as the most.

And about my constipation, well... it was deemed as nothing too serious. I was advised half a tea spoon of Bene Fibre with every meal from now on... and I quite like it with my food. Also I’ve been eating well etc.

I have also been playing a lot. It’s almost like I found a treasure full of ‘energy’ hidden somewhere in my jungle!

Monday, August 24, 2009



Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

I don’t like Mondays. You know why? Because it hampers the normal routine of things that develops through the weekend- like my humans staying in with me, like cuddles whenever I want one- or two, like practicing my meows (cats only meow with humans, never among themselves or when all alone), like more open rooms to roam around and sleeping on the human’s bed through the day.

And, Mondays? They force me to accept that the humans must go hunting and I must be left alone to guard our jungle- and stay home all alone, until they are back with all those unfamiliar smells...

We cats appreciate fixed routine. Too much change in that bothers us.

Oh well, it’ll pass... it always does. Meow!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Cuddles

Mama and I are busy enjoying our weekend.

Hope yours is going just as good :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elegance of a Felis Catus

Elegance of a Felis Catus

Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

If there was one word that your humans could describe you by, what would that word be?

Mama says, for me she'd choose the word 'Elegant'. I guess that means I look 'elegant', I'd like to know what 'elegant' means though. I think it means something nice.

Ask your humans what word they'd choose for you. Please?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And there I wait

And there I wait, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

I like looking out of the window.

I spend many hours of my day- in between my catnaps- looking out. You will definitely find me there when it’s time for my humans to come home, or in the morning when I see them off. Mama thinks this is one thing she looks forward to about coming home... and her pace is faster during her walk to home from the station because she looks forward to seeing me looking out for her...

Hmm... That’s a nice thing to feel.

Humans do make good pets, don’t you think?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's up there?

What's up there?, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Oh... how I love my windowsill.

When Papa is home- he puts the ‘blinds’ up- and I get a full view of the road, with the shiny multicoloured animals that move fast and makes noises- that humans calls ‘cars’, flying mice that are called ‘birdies’ and human babies on two wheels that humans call ‘bikes’.

Do you know those birdies never stop chirping?! I’m sure they do that just to tease me.

Even when there is nothing to see or hear- I like to look out of the window anyway- so when Papa is home, I ‘ask’ him to put the blinds up.

And when he’s not paying attention to my meows- I can at least ‘try’ to do it myself, can’t I?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Chillin, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Mama says she wishes she were a cat when she sees me nap.

I wonder why... hmm..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Up above the world so high

Up above the world so high

Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

I have a special meow for Mama... it’s the one I meow when I want her to cuddle me. I put my two front paws on her lap and go ‘mmmmeeeeeowwww’, I remember to make my voice the most kitten-like on those occasions.

It has its effects on her, trust me. It makes her drop everything she is doing and cuddle and pet me; just the way I like it- with hand strokes, nose rubs and holding me with her long arms wrapped around me- while talking to me in a soft human language.

Mama says this is the highlight of her days, the way I demand affection. She must love me a lot to think like that, don’t you think?

And I must love her lots to actually ask her to cuddle me.

We cats don’t do that quite often.

We mean what we say and however manipulative we seem to be sometimes, we are an honest species.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ponder Cat

Ponder Cat

Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

I don’t understand Papa’s camera much. It’s much bigger than the small compact a-little-bigger-than-a-matchbox camera that Mama has- it has a trunk like an elephant’s (oh... did I tell you that I am all eyes and ears whenever any animal channel is on the telly? I know elephants!); and many a times- it seems like it’s staring at me... through that trunk!

Meow! We cats don’t like that. You don’t look straight into our eyes! We think you are threatening us by doing that! But I trust Papa, even when he has the camera that is staring straight at me. I let it go. I’m not that difficult usually.

I have now learnt to differentiate between different members of my jungle, in their intention and the usual norms- I know Mama and Papa means well... even when they don’t let me climb the kitchen sink, even when they leave me behind for their daily hunting, even when they don’t always open the doors that I want them to, even when I sometimes pretend their hands are what I am hunting... I never bite them- I just wrap all my legs around them and ‘pretend’ that I’m fighting them.

You see- you need to understand- no matter how many years I am tamed as a housecat, I do have my predator instincts. You’ll believe me when you see me hunting an insect- I am alert, I cackle, I hunt- I do what I have to do to get it under my paws. See this photo with this post? That’s me when I caught a glimpse of a small fruit fly- believe me now?

I am a little version of other big species that live in big open-sky jungles and are known as vicious hunters. I am vicious too. And just like them- I do care for my family. Yes, my family with two humans in the jungle where I rule.

We all have our vicious sides, even the humans- even though they tend to turn a blind eye to that sometimes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The territory extension mission!

Meow, meow, MEOWW!

How many meows will it take to convince the humans that I WANT to get into that room that I recently discovered? The room with light green carpet and bean bag sofas and Papa’s miniature Lego castles?

Its Papa’s photography room, I get it. But, what’s wrong in letting me in there! It’s ME; I rule in this jungle! I have every right to sniff the Lego towers and scratch the carpets and enjoy the free space!

It’s my jungle!

True, the last two days I have successfully meowed in convincing the softer-hearted human (Mama, that is. Papa thinks she is over-indulgent; I think it serves me well) to give me a guided tour in that room for around 30 minutes (in human measurement of time- it’s one short ‘cat-nap’ long, to make it easy for you cats). She’d sit on one of the bean bag sofas while I sniffed, climbed and chirruped in that newly discovered territory. She even finds it cute, I think!

She’s not bad, that human, I must say :)

As a reward, I gave her furry good cuddles and a hearty strong head-butt. We all know that is a lot for us cats!

I think she’s bought. I’M GOOD!

Now, MEOW- please let me in there! Meow?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photogenic Sherkhan

This 'weekend'- Papa was at it again. You know how he sometimes goes goes crazy with the camera? Well.. I mean that.

He thought I'd be a good 'subject' (I hope that's a good thing), and he took many snaps of me sleeping, hunting etc etc etc. Most of it he is keeping to his white box (insert by Mauzzie: Laptop), not sure what big plans he has with them for now- but I will post them in due time; in other words when Mama can steal them from him, or when he lets us have them :).

Mama thought this was a fine photo of me. What do you think?

Yes, I know... I know... I AM a cute kitten!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Winter....

I am sometimes on my throne:

And sometimes on my carpet:

But no matter where I am- my heater friend has to be somewhere near:

A big 'Thank you' to my heater friend for keeping me warm in this cold cold Winter. Meow!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Casper the commuter cat

Many of you may have seen this already, but my humans cannot seem to stop talking about this Casper cat!

I think Casper is quite cool, too- so when Mama asked me to share this with you- as she thought, as cat lovers- you and your humans may be interested in this story- I agreed! Readily!

Enjoy! Meow.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Polite, what's that?

Mama says I look cute when I am relaxing on 'my throne'- as known as Mama's laptop table of one time not so long ago :P.

I say, of course I look cute... and not just when relaxing on my throne, but ALWAYS!

Well... Mama says I should be 'polite'... what's 'polite'?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is what I sleep on these days!

Mama has a laptop table, well... it used to be her laptop table. Not anymore- since that is now claimed by little Sherkhan!


As I was saying, it is my place now- or throne, as Mama puts it. I don't mind- a place or a throne- whatever you call it, IT'S NOW MINE!

See, it even fits me perfectly... and and and... it gives me a good view of my house... when I am awake that is :)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kitty Lesson 2

Ahhh..... the humans simply cannot sit still!

But, if I hold Mama's arms and remember to look all cute and innocent while I do that; then may be she will?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blue Eyed Boy

I like to greet my humans when they come back to our comfortable little den from their daylong hunting.

Here is me greeting my Mama:

I think they like to be 'greeted' too, because they cuddle me a lot and calls me their 'Blue Eyed Boy' when I do what I do when they come back. I think that is a term of endearment they preserved for me. I think I like it too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the mend... where's that?

I have been ill lately with 'gastrointestinal infection' or something like that.

There has been many vet visits and even more 'meow' protests and requests to the humans for not taking me there, the humans paid no heed to them of course. I have been given 2 doses of needly things (I think they are called 'injections'), some pineapple (must be some human food, they taste like crap) flavoured medicines- and lots of painful belly pressing.

Well... as Mama puts it, I am in the 'mend' now. I think we can put those 'vet' things behind- for now.

Ciao, you kitties. I'm off for a bit to meow at the humans- I need some cuddling.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health update

I have stomach infection- and that is what is causing me so much grief. Sigh.

And as you would be able to correctly guess, I was taken to the vet last night- after my humans got back home and found the situation unchanged. I have had this thing as a kitten, and guess what- it’s not fun. It hurts your belly and makes your food taste bad... and also- it makes you sleep a lot.

The doctor had told Mama that I am a little ‘prone’ to parasitic infections in the stomach- but with proper attention, I should be okay. That was the major reason the humans had taken medical insurance for me all those months back. It probably means that my humans love me and wants to take care of me... properly.

And they are... Even when I am being difficult and refusing the medicine-mixed food; and not opening my mouth to take syrupy med they are trying to syringe into my mouth!

I suspect a lot of vet visits in the coming week. Meow!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Am I sick?

Seems like my humans are worried; about me- what else? Their world revolves around me after all! Duh!

I have not been very well this weekend, you see. And yesterday, I tried to do my business in my poo box and something did not seem right. I, then, meowed plenty and got out of it and did it outside the box. Yup, it was me being a bad kitty!

I am pretty set in my litter habits- so that got Mama very worried. She thinks I may be associating ‘pain’ with the poo box? I guess it’s some sort of usual ‘complex human thinking’- and I don’t know what that means. What got her worried even more is that the poo smelt bad and did not look right either... But she said she’ll give me 24 hours to show her a sign that I was well.

Otherwise she’ll take me to the vet.


Now, how can I avoid the vet? How many hours do I have? 12?


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yet another 'humans are crazy' post

I was on one of my daily territorial ramblings when I saw this:

I sniffed that my humans were upto something, so I decided to take a closer look:

I think these papers are called 'manuals' and Papa has been reading them to create a 'backyard monster'!

And then, Mama took out her backyard monster and Papa, too, the one he created and they set off for a good few hours...

Humans... whatever can be done about them?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MEOW!!! I don’t like ‘July’!

Mama tells me that this time of the year is the coldest one of the year the part of the world we live in. I wouldn’t know for certain though. This is my first July, after all! All I know is that is really is quite cold these days and you know the best place to be when the temperature is like this?

Right in front of the big black box that gives out HEAT!

I ask Mama every morning not to go hunting for the day. She does not listen even though she says she’d like to. When she is home- I have a very warm bed on her lap and lots of cuddles. It’d have been good if Papa stayed in, too. I cannot decide whose lap I like more- Mama’s or Papa’s- because while Mama’s is cushier, Papa’s has more space...

The kinds of dilemma a kitten has to go through... *sigh*.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Cat Tree!

I mentioned my 'cat tree' a few days back, did I not?

Since my humans are less busy these days and missing Papa's litter-mates quite a lot- they've been spending a lot of time with me. They have finally taken a few photographs of me on my cat tree.

Want to see? Here goes:

Perky one, yes?


Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Little Human Friend

My little human friend (Papa's 4 year old niece) left for the far far away home about two days back with her parents.

Here's a few photos from two weeks back with me playing with the little one with.... guess what... ribbons!!! Very exciting!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Little Human Friend"]Little Human Friend[/caption]

While I am playing here with my little human friend- Papa is, at the background, as usual looking for his life's answers inside his 'white flat box'. Humans have no clue how to have fun, the little ones know of it somewhat though :P

I hear my little human friend also has a kitty in the place where she went away. I wonder if that kitty blogs too?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kitty Lesson 1

Today's words of wisdom from 'Sherkhan Kitty School':

    "How to make sure that the humans cannot flee while you are sleeping"

As the following photo would explain the tactic more clearly than words:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Captivation Lesson"]Captivation Lesson[/caption]

Some more tips while we are at it (see the above photo for reference):

1. Make sure to look cute and cuddly so that the human (Mama, in this case) is sufficiently distracted from the fact that she is being captivated by a kitten.

2. Torch your eyes to frighten away potential distractors (Papa, in this case).

I'd say that it works as I am successful in keeping the humans under control for the last two days.

Try it, may be?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sherkhan and the Shadow Deer

A few weeks back, the parents introduced me to the 'Shadow Deer'. They would stand in front of the wall in our hallway and bring him out for me to chase. And of course- I chase!

Look here! A video of me chasing the 'Shadow Deer'!

He is a harmless monster, isn't he? I'd say it's me who's the 'vicious' one in this partnership!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Loneliness is me

Do you know how late the humans are coming home these days?

Well... late enough to not be able to spend much time with me- when it’s dark black at the outside and the temperature drops to the lowest of the day. Then the humans sleep their long and once-only sleep of the day (that’s the other thing that annoys me, though, to be honest, they are much shorter these days than their usual), only to get out for the daily ‘hunting’ while it’s still dark.

I’ve been a lonely kitten the last few weeks. The humans got me a new and fun ‘cat tree’, too- so I guess I’ve been a lonely kitten on a perky cat tree. It does give the right picture, doesn’t it... sort of like ‘train in the rain’ as Mama quotes some wise human called Neruda sometimes:

“Tell me, is the rose naked
or is that her only dress?
Why do trees conceal
the splendor of their roots?
Is there anything in the world sadder
than a train standing in the rain?”

Why do humans play with words? Is it like their toy mouse? I think it is.

Whatever, back to what I was saying! Well they took many pictures lately but they are still not transferred to the ‘square black flat box’ (insert by Mauzzie for the human readers: laptop) and they did not get the time to help me post them on the blog. Well, that’s what they say.... Excuses, excuses and more excuses! I swear if I hear one more excuse I’ll meow very very loud as my complaint against my humans!

Meow :(.

Mama promises that she’d be good from tomorrow. It probably means that Papa’s litter-mates leave for the far away land sometime between now and the next sunrise (as I can smell the family on my humans when they are back at those unacceptable hours and my cat instincts tell me that THAT’s where they have been!), and they can again be ‘claimed’ by me.

I wish the humans were not so busy :(

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I love my food; and even though Mama tells me to eat it s-l-o-w-l-y I’m far too impatient for that. I guess what I’m getting at is that when Mama gives me my food- I simply gobble it up! And that’s what kittens with GOOD APPETITE do!

Now, what’s wrong with that?!

I did the same yesterday- the Science Plan wet chunks and my favourite dry Whiska’s... and then I felt funny. I walked up to the corner of the hallway and meowed for Mama... and when Mama rushed in she kept on asking me what was wrong... well, as if I knew what was wrong! I just knew that I felt funny and that was why I had asked for her- to TELL me what’s wrong... seems like even she did not know...


Well... after a while I threw up all that I had eaten- the dry food and the wet- EVERYTHING!

I felt better once I did that- but the HUMANS- they took me to the Animal Emergency Centre. Sigh. The vet there did the humiliating thing of measuring of my temperature (I meowed, complained and struggled but Papa held me strong!); then pressed my tummy and checked my teeth and said that I was okay.

Helloooo... wasn’t I saying the same thing after I puked- that I was okay and they don’t need to take me to a vet! The humans kept saying that it’s always better to be safe... not sure how those humiliating thermometers are in any way safe though. Humans are impossible at times; but I guess it’s just their way of showing that they care?

Guess Mama’ll AGAIN nag me to ‘not’ to eat my food without chewing... and I know she means well; but there you go! MEOW!


Monday, June 29, 2009

How do I fix this?

My humans keep saying how busy they are and all; that’s old news. But earlier when they said they were busy- they’d at least help me blog on the ‘weekends’ and be with me all day on weekends and all that- even though I’d not see them much through the rest of the ‘week’.... I thought that was bad- but still okay, as the humans need to hunt for my kitten food and all.... and I am a considerate kitty after all.

But the last few weeks? Unpardonable! In no way acceptable!!!

Guess what?! They are busy socializing with ‘other humans’ during the weekend- now how weird is that: choosing humans’ company over kittens’? Very, as all you kitties will agree with me. I’m pretty disappointed at my humans, to be honest :(.

Apparently the only little human friend that I have (Papa’s niece) is leaving this Melby-land next week; and her parents are too; so my humans think they should spend more time with the family while they are still here and, as unbelievable as it sounds, that only means that I am ‘not’ the top priority at the moment... what kind of a logic is THAT? I thought I was ALWAYS the TOP priority and nothing EVER changes that!

Can you tell why I am disappointed?!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitten Food: Sherkhan on a Mission

I don’t know about you other kitties but me, I like my food wet and full of stinky goodness. So my Mama, being the good human that she is, gives me my food just the way I like it: two pouches of wet food (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and some dry food to snack on through the day.

Till like two weeks back, I used to like Whiska’s kitten food as my preferred wet food – then... well... I stopped liking it.

Mama had a few boxes of Whiska’s in stock but she got concerned and gave me ‘Science Diet Chunky Chicken’ instead, so that I don’t go without dinner.

Papa thinks that was a mistake, he says- Mama is bit too indulgent and easily manipulated. And, I obviously know the art of manipulation- I am a kitten after all, it does not take much for me. Heehaahaa... so I mean, yea- may be Papa IS right- but ‘SHUSH, Papa’!

As I was saying- I don’t like Whiska’s anymore now, and Mama is having a hard time finding the exact Science Diet- as the local vet does not keep it in stock, neither does the local pet shop. She is placing the order with the vet today, but it may take some days to arrive. She is a little worried about what to do with my food.

Me? I’m still refusing to eat Whiska’s and asking Mama for my favourite stinky goodness every time she even ‘attempts’ to give me Whiska’s! I’m sure my trick will work....

Why? Well when you look like this do you even need to ask why?

No, you don’t! LOL!!

There is only one thing I’d need to say:

“Get your supply chains fixed, Science Diet! Jeez! I’m on a mission here! Help me help you, will you?”

Heehee... now- you kitties- do you like your food wet or dry?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


You know how my humans went for a trip lately and they are back now and things are getting back to normal? My mama has been looking at some old pics today and she says that they make her want to go to yet another trip!


I don’t think she will... as tomorrow she joins back work again and all.

Here’s a pic of my humans from a trip they had taken:

The Humans

Don’t you think they look happy?

See? My humans were born with their soul much like a bird’s.

I’d rather like it if it were like a cat’s instead.... they would not like taking trips so much if it were... *sigh*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Their rules may be weird- but I’m not complaining!

For the last 2 days my Mama has been working from home- which, in kitty terms, means that she is not changing her furs and going out of the house every morning even before the yellow thingy on the sky (insert by maussie: Sun) is up.

The human world has many rules- not much different from the kitty world in that aspect, as we have some too- but their rules are much much weird. As for my Mama, apparently she’s been ‘quarantined’- so as to be sure that if what she has is the ‘bad’ flu, she does not get to spread it on the other humans.

For me however, it means more cuddle time and more jumping on the lap time. I like it when my humans are home; so much that I end up ‘showing’ it. I know... not good... but I think my humans like it.

After the last time my humans disappeared- I think things are ‘finally’ coming back to ‘normal’. There is nothing a kitty likes more than that after all: a perfect predictable life.

Monday, June 15, 2009

back in full swing

I know I have not been around much, but I have been well and perky.

I went on a vacation to the cat boarding place while my humans went off to some far far away jungle... I hear there was an ocean too- and lots of good food (and wine), and many games of scrabble. Oh yes, there was a woofie too. A lady woofie named Hannah. I saw the pics of my Mama petting that woofie. She did not look any special to me- that Hannah, but Mama says she was nice.

mama with hannah

I prefer if you don't believe Mama on this. I'm just a little territorial about my humans.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An update on my humans

My humans are again crazy busy and no one to help me blog as much as I’d like to.

They are home in the evenings, but they look tired. I guess Mama, on top of that, has pain in her throat and is a little cough-y. She just hopes it’s not the bad flu a lot of humans are getting these days. I think Mama totally does not want to get sick as she has a big weekend planned and she does not want her plans to get spoilt.

I think she misses the ocean a lot and is going to the never ending waters for some change of wind. Papa, on the other hand, loves the forest and the mountain- so they chose to go to a place called ‘The Otway Ranges’- where they get all of these and more. I understand someone liking trees, even mountains- must be fun to climb them and all- but the ocean?!


Humans are silly. Even Ren-human and Ron-human are going with Mama and Papa to the ocean, mountain and forest place. Why do humans have wings under their feet? Can’t they just take weekends easy doing predictable things and not act all erratic? Feh! They do need to learn to be cosy in their surroundings from us cats. But what can you do anyway?

While the humans are away- I will be staying at my regular cat boarding place where the Melissa-human will take care of me. And the Ren-human will take me there on Friday- as both Mama and Papa needs to work that day. Mama thinks it’s very nice of the Ren-human to offer to help her out. I think the Ren-human likes me. But then- who can help it? *giggle*

I hear Ren-human did not like cats before she knew me. And now she thinks cats are nice. She cuddles me and plays with me and I like her a lot too. Mama thinks that it is to my credit that I could make a human change her mind about how she felt about cats. Sometimes humans say nice stuffs.

Anywho, this is news so far from little Sherkhan. As you see, I have been busy with much pondering. How have you kitties been?

[PS: I have received an award and Mama promises that she’d help me post about it soon; she just needs a little time]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

me on day 1

Today is the 5 month anniversary of my got'cha day.

On the eve of this event, I'm presenting yet another video.

This is me from the evening I was brought to my home. I was set free in the living room and given a toy mouse that I absolutely loved:

I was still a little scared of my humans, but I guess I was just weary.

I WAS very small, wasn't I?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

humans make good beds!

The humans are again very busy- getting out of the house when it's still dark and coming back when it's again dark. Mama says that this is specially so as days are getting shorter here- now being winter in Australia and all, you know?

I spend most of the bright sunny times of the day sleeping and eating the food Mama leaves for me in the mornings. Weekends are different though. I spend the weekends watching what the humans do with their hands AND sometimes sleeping on the human's lap.

I think they make good beds:

[gallery order="DESC" columns="2"]

*Yawn*... Okay, off to my catnap till the humans come back home.

Monday, May 18, 2009

kitten duty performed....

As you kitties know, I take my kitten duty very very seriously.

All of us experienced with humans, we know humans do not always act like we'd want them to. Right?

Like, I don't want my humans furs to smell like 'shampoo', but I guess it's just a human thing. They like shampoo and I have my suspicions that they even like the smell of it. I do not like this fact, but I guess that's part of the package and you cannot train humans of certain things- like grooming themselves like we cats do. Sigh.

Anyway- so when my humans use 'shampoo'- I do this:

I think it amuses my humans because they dont really stop me. Whatever works, you know?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I get very little sleep on weekends... I am amazed at some things humans do when they are home and I choose to watch them over sleeping!

One of those things is what they call 'doing laundry'. You see- it's when they wash their furs in a big white noisy machine.

Mama did her 'laundry' yesterday and I was adament that I WILL catch the 'furs' this time from that round window of that big white machine. So I did this:

Sigh. I still could not catch the clothes :(

Wish me luck for next time, eh?

[Note from Maussie:
Apologies for the video quality. I know it's bad :). I just did not want to distract Sherkhan by getting up to turn the lights on]

Saturday, May 16, 2009

rugs are good!!!

My humans are home; and even though I just see one of them now, I know the other is behind that door on his human bed taking his nap. That tells me that today is a 'weekend'.

Mama told me that I am almost 7 months old now. Almost, as in- I still have 7 days to go. She kept on talking to Papa about how time flies and how it seems like yesterday when the humans got me home. I does not seem like 'yesterday' to me though. I have been in my home forever now!

Anyway, Mama looked into her big black box (insert by maussie for the human readers: laptop); and found some of my videos from when I was a kitten. Apparently, I have not changed much except for my size. I am bigger now...

YES! I am a BIG BOY now!

So here's a video of me playing with the floor rug and the cat tunnel in the living room from about 5 months back:

I was so silly *sneers* (and small)!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shera in the BOX!!!

So... my humans got this box home... I think the box had some fuzzy drink thing that my Papa likes to drink.. so he got to keep the drinks and I got to keep the box. YES!!! Humans have no idea about which is more fun and which is less... I can't believe somebody'll choose those drinks over this fun box!

Anyway, it's a good box- exactly my size (meerowwww!!!). The opening was small and Mama thought that I will not be able to get in there- but I did!

See the video below:

I did startle Mama by jumping out of it all of a sudden, didn't I?


PS: See, how my Mama has learnt to meow? She is a furless wonder, isn't she?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Have I told you kitties about Greenie? Guess I haven’t.

Well.. Greenie is my friend. Mama says Greenie is my ‘Hobbes’… and when she says that, she calls me ‘Calvin’- which certainly is NOT my name and I have no idea where this is coming from;- but well… for now, I’ll just call him ‘my friend’.

Greenie is a green crocodile from the IKEA-place. He has been with my humans from before I was born. He does not do much usually- just stays there on the living room floor… I play with him a lot. But I’ve heard that crocodiles can be vicious, so when I play with him- I’m very very careful that I am not too agressive with him. Obviously… you know? Who wants to be bitten by a crocodile. No one!

Here is a video of me, playing with Greenie:

The bean who’s holding Greenie so that he cannot come too close to me, that’s my Papa. See.. I can always count on my Papa to protect me from vicious teeth!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

vaccum monsters are still bad...!

I am tired today. I have not had the chance all day to fill up my catnap quota.

Mama was out of bed quite early for a weekend morning, but she's been upto what she'd say 'Mega Cleaning' ALL day. All the jars from behind the mystery door came out, the vaccum monster came out, the rugs that stay with me in the living room got rubbed with what she calls a 'lint roller', I can also smell some flowery thing that she rubbed everything with; and oh.. the litter tray crystals are all new...

I could sleep amidst all these, you see- we cats can sleep though anything, but it was too much fun smelling all those stuff that I don't really see everyday... except the vaccum monster... he makes too much noise. I wish he'd stay in his storage room for a long time now. I don't ever miss him.

Now mama has something on the stove and while that's 'cooking', she's helping me blog. Do you think the day has offered all that it could and I can now get some shut-eye?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

human world is way too complicated...

I guess, this has become a weekend blog of little Sherkhan- as my humans are hardly ever home these days to help me blog other than on weekends. Both the humans are working a lot these days... something to do with 'keeping up in the financial crisis'.. whatever that means.

I do think that the human world is full of unnecessarily complicated things. I mean, can't they make their life as simple as we cats have: we sleep, we eat, we hunt, we play- and even then we have plenty of time to take care of our humans.

My humans are home today though and Mama is now helping me blog. I am a little suspicious that she'd flee like she does once I close my eyes, so I'm trying my best to stop it from happening. The trick is to sleep on the human's lap, or at least keep a part of your body on the human (paws work well in this case). That way the human cannot leave without you noticing- see Sherkhan has brains!!

To my human's defense- they ARE trying a lot to balance work and life. And they are not doing too bad either- there are things that's lagging behind a little, updating my blog being one of the major ones. You see, Mama loves me just as much, and so does Papa- and I am still the happy and affectionate kitten I was. It's all good really.

Anyyways... now I'm back to my one of the many catnaps of the day. Stay well, you kitties!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

weekend ponder

It's 'weekend' again and my humans are home (meerowwww!!).

I have meowed successfully twice since morning to get Mama out of her bed to pet me. Obviously weekends are all about 'Cat Cuddle'! She knows it, I think- because she petted me, cuddled me and spoke to me in Cat (she's learning Cat pretty fast... think she's good with languages?) even though she did not need to, I can understand human language pretty well now.

Only silly thing is... I thought it would be a good idea to jump into the BIG waterbowl when mama was sitting there in the water (insert by Mauzzie for the human readers: bathtub) for some human reason I will not really understand... well... it wasn't a good idea. I got wet and shot out of the waterbowl in a blink!

Water, I like generally... but I guess I'd like it more if it wasn't so... err.. wet?

Proves that we cats are sometimes wrong too! Just sometimes though. All other times we are just awesome!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Guess what! I GOT AN AWARD!

Neno Award!

The aims of this award:
* Dedicate for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
* Seek the reasons why we all love blogging!

What you have to do:
* Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it
* Mention the person who gives you the award
* Writing the reason why you love blogging
* Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like
* Notify the award receivers and put their links in your post

Here's my thing:

* The award was given to me by my cat-buddy, Brandi. Thank you, Brandi!

* I like blogging because
- it helps me find new friends, you other kitties are wonderful. I love it how it brings you kitties who live so so far away so close to me....
- it helps me and my human parents understand each other better... mama says it clears her her mind when she writes, I think it works for me too. You'll get it better if I say that my mama has THREE blogs that she maintains very regularly! Hmm...

* I tag:
- Angel and Kirby
- Lucie and Trixie
- Rosie, Kaleb and TealC
- Percy

Monday, April 20, 2009

obviously, i want everything

You know how humans do not get out to hunt 2-days a week? I think they call it their 'weekend'. Whatever that word means... those are the two days humans eat what they have hunted all week and do not do much.. That's exactly what my humans did last two days.

It's all good. Really. I decided I like 'weekends', only thing I don't quite like is the way Mama does not wake up as early and needs a LOT of meowing for her to wake up. I don't give up, though. I keep meowing. I do my kitten-duty well, don't I?

But we are on a schedule here after all!

You know what would be good? It would be good if humans had weekends ALL week AND on weekends humans got up as early as they normally do on weekdays!

Kitties out there- a better idea- or just keep on meowing?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Papa and I

My Papa is well enough to go hunting now and he has been since Easter.

I think humans say they are 'working' when they are 'hunting'. I'm not sure why. I mean- obviously when you are collecting those shiney things (insert my Maussie for the human readers: Coins/ Money) to hunt food with- you are hunting! Why'd you call it 'working' is beyond me. Duh!

Anyhow- back to Papa. As I said, he goes hunting now that his new cor-nea is better... for those of you kittens who didn't know it- my Papa had his own cor-nea trans-plan-ted with another human's cor-nea about a month and a half back... Mama says a month is 120 catnaps long. Seems not so long ago to me! I'd think Papa should have rested more, but it's some human feeling of wanting to 'start back'.

I miss Papa a lot now when he goes to work. I used to love the company at home. And now- Sherkhan is again all alone in the house ALL day- till the humans come back from their hunting when the blue sky turns light grey. I have been a little frustrated with the change of routine.... and this is what I have been missing the most:

[gallery columns="2"]

Papa does try to make it up to me when he is back from his hunting and I am trying to understand that big cats (in my case- big humans) need to hunt to help the small cats survive- but I still miss him.

I'll be okay and that's my update. So- how have you other kitties been?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey, I'm back!!!!

Hmm... it HAS been a while, hasn't it? I hope all you kitties have been well. Well.. me... I have been well, I think it's mama who's been a little crazy with all the work.

I have grown a little bit more now. See for yourself:

[caption id="attachment_192" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="the five month old furball"]the five month old furball[/caption]

Mama says I look a little older in this photo than my 5 months and it's when I sleep or cuddle mama, do I look like the kitty-cat I really am. I'm not sure I agree that I am a kitty-cat, but you know MUMS!

Some more, if you'd like:

Sleeping Sherkhan

Sherkhan kissing mama's nosey

You don't think mama may be right, do you?

Friday, March 27, 2009

random disappearing humans

I think my humans are cheating on me these days.

You see, my papa is not totally well yet and spends a lot of time taking naps in his human bed. So, though we stay in the same house all day, we do not see each other all that much. Well.. what can you say, it's not that he CHOSE to be ill. So, no hard feelings there.

And Mama? Oh, don't get me started! There is Mama, the Ren human, the Ron human... they are there at home for even one catnap length of time at a stretch! There I see them, get all chirpy, make my place beside them and take my nap- I open my eyes after a little while and whoosh, they are gone! I tell you kitties, those humans are getting even swifter than cats!

I need to do something to stop it. Ideas?

I agree, Mama does look very tired these days and she manages to play with me in the mornings and talk to me and hold me in the evenings... but a kitty needs his Mama a little bit more!

MeowMeow... !

Monday, March 23, 2009

cuddle cuddle cuddly boodle

Okay, here's me and Mama- cuddling each other. Papa took this one when I got all excited to see Mama when she got back from work! It's a mobile pic; that's why it's hazy.

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Mama thinks this is a cute one. I agree!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am a 'Kreativ Blogger'!

A few weeks ago, I recieved an award from the wonderful Rosie, Kaleb and Teal'C. My Papa was sick then- with the white bandage over his eyes and Mama was busy keeping things in one place, and I never got to tell you kitties about that award!

Now that I am catching up- I am sharing the piece of good news with some kitty biscuit and water in my blogosphere. Please help yourselves, you nice kitties, and your humans are welcome too! Mama said she will set some pudding for the humans so that they enjoy too!

So here is my award:

Kreaviv Blogger

Thanks again, Three Country Cats!

The rule is to list six things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. Mama's cuddles. Mama says I am the ultimate lapcat, and she is probably right. I love getting on Mama's lap, and she never fails to cuddle me! She even gives me kissies, I think that is nice too!

2. Making my humans smell like me. I groom my Mama and Papa a lot, specially after they have used that thing humans call Sham-poo... I hate it when humans smell anything other than well.. humans... so I groom them as best as I can!

3. Watching birdies from the net window. I even cackle with them magpies! They tease me by flying around, so I sit on my window seat and cackle so as they think I am a birdie too and come to me... and then I'll catch them!

4. Drinking water straight from the taps. Oh fresh water...! Need I say more?

5. Watching Mama and Papa from the window when they come back home from work. I meow and purr hard even before they step in through the door!

6. Climbing through the net window on the TOP on the door. Yes, the thin edge of it. I always need Papa's help to get down though.

Okay, now I will pass this award on to-

1. Angel and Kirby
2. Brandi
3. Lucy and Trixie
4. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy
5. George, Tipper, Max and Misty
6. Meredith and Shadow

Enjoy the feast. I will now step down and watch your speech! Meow!