Monday, November 30, 2009

Magic Meows

I have noticed one thing- meows work!

And if you are consistent with your meows, they work like magic!

Like if I want the human to play with me the meow I make is ‘meowwwwwwww’, or if I want cuddles the meows I make are sort of like ‘meeeeeeeow’. Be consistent, do it a couple of times and the humans start to ‘get’ it.

Try it, and tell me how you go- okay?

Sometimes the humans need some basic training, but I have to say they do make good pets!



Angel and Kirby said...

We have tried to teach the beans but they don't seem to learn. it would help id Kirby did not whisper his broken me-ee-ee ow.

Fin said...

Works like a charm

brandi said...

hmmm. My bean needs lots of help--still. You are a very good trainer. Your beans sound like you have some hope of getting them in line.