Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lessons from Sherkhan: Individuality and Generalization

I hear them say that kitties do not like kissies...

... or cuddlies...

I say, every cat is different... just like every human is and every woofie is...

I would say it is wiser to not generalize... cats, humans or woofies.

One of the features on 'individuality' is that is can never be fully predicted.

[Please excuse the photo quality, both of these are iPhone photos]

Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Magpies on the Bird TV this weekend!

This weekend, I am just hanging out on my cat tree. The weather has been pretty good and there were plenty on in the Bird TV (for the non-cat readers: I think you call it a Window)too- and I am having a fantabulous time!

It's not as boring as it sounds, trust me.

PS: Can you see my shaved 'arms' in the photo? Yes, the drip and the blood test and all that stuff last month had called for many 'shaves' on this little body. I am better now and my furs are growing back too... but not fast enough!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The First Thing :)

Guess what, kitties... My humans got paid back from the insurance company, they are not all that 'broke' anymore... however, guess what they did first thing as soon as they... umm... stopped being broke?

They bought this!!


Yes, just for me!!! I LOVE IT!

Now, the more important thing- do you think it goes well with my colouring?

Mama says it matches me just 'purrfectly'!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Meows about my recent Cholangiohepatitis

Remember me, kitties? I know... I have not been here much, but I have a legit excuse- I went and got sick... I mean- even sicker than the last time I blogged!

DSC_0347 - Version 2

Well, as you know- my Pancreatitis was back... and a few days later- when the vet did an ultrasound on me- she saw something in my liver too... as it turns out- I had Cholangiohepatitis, too- initial stage (phew!), as the vet suspects- and it often follows Pancreatitis, so I'd say that is what happened to me.

Right now- I'm better; even though we are still waiting for my second bloodworks results...

I'm sorry if you have been worried by my absense- Mummy was too busy (and possibly too sad, too) to help me blog... She kept writing in hers though... from time to time. She does have very twisted priorities sometimes, I tell you!

However... if you are worried about me in the future while I am not posting for a long time... and would like to know if I am doing alright, you can have a peep here- chances are, you will know... just a suggestion!

Stay well, everyone! Love and Purrs to you all!