Monday, August 30, 2010

Little meows about Pet Insurance

Kitties, do you know what an ultra-sound is? I need to get one done on Thursday. Did you know that an ultrasound on kitties costs about A$600... and that drip that was given to me lately, costed another A$400... Mama says it is only a small cost, because what is most important to her is that I am healthy and well.


My humans seem rather smug about the fact that they had taken up the ‘Pet Insurance’ for me; otherwise- these costs would have still incurred, but it would have been much more difficult for my humans to get by... Just to satisfy my kitty curiosity- what about you kitties though? Do you have a health insurance, too?

If you are interested to know or considering it- my insurance costs my humans a A$34 a month which is A$408 a year and includes treatment costs up to A$12,000 in a year- including routine check-ups, costs of ‘revolution’, vaccination (A$70 a year) and grooming. They pay for the expenses using their card and the insurance company reimburses them in a few weeks. Mama will be happy to advise if your humans are considering taking one up for you- she only knows about Australian options, but is eager to help if you’d need advise...

I hear their card expenses are EXPLODING LOUDLY till the insurance company pays them back in a few weeks, but it is a ‘temporary’ thing and you kitties need not worry... phew!

On a related note- those green papers seem powerful; I have a feeling that those not exactly the kinds of papers kitties ‘play’ with... or do they? Have any of you kitties played with these green papers and want to share the story?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Guess what, kitties-


I don’t look perfect- I have many patches of furs missing from my front leg and my throat- where they gave me the drip and drew my blood from; I am nowhere near ‘healed’ either... the pancreatitis is still there...

... but I am so happy to be home; and mama still thinks I'm very very handsome.


There are many vet visits in the coming few weeks, an ultrasound test too... but at the moment- it does not matter all that much because right now- I sure am happy to be back home!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Are we there yet?

I am still at the clinic, and more of my furs got shaved off- first for the drip and then for even more blood tests. There should be a law against humans for stealing kitty blood, don't you think?

Why'd they want to steal blood anyway? What do you reckon they do with the blood?


Anyway, as I was saying- I am still at the clinic... and I hear they'll steal my blood at least once more... to see if my electrolytes are restored; if not- I stay in the clinic tonight... and if yes, I get to go home!

.... fingers, paws and toesies crossed that my test results tell them to let me go home.... Meow!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just to put it in in the lightest possible manner...

Hello my friends, if you follow my mama’s blog- then you already know that my test result has shown ‘a positive’ for Pancreatitis... a case in which I apologise for repeating myself.


And, in case you did not know it already- well... I just told you, didn't I? Meeheehee... howzat!?

Well... there is nothing much to do at the moment really, just some Vitamin B’s and some antibiotics and let my body heal itself... and since the blood tests showed that I was short on electrolytes too, I am to stay in the hospital for the night... they are putting me on drip.

This is basically it for the moment.

However, if you would like to know about Pancreatitis- you can see this post in my blog... Mama had made it last year when I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis for the first time.

And while we are at it..... keep those purr machines on for me, will ya?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Stupid Hairballs...

Well... in the last 2 weeks, I puked four times- and ALL the times wretched hairballs kept popping out. Let me tell you kitties... being a cute and floofy kitten does not come by without a cost! Our kind needs a LOT of grooming- resulting in a lot of hairballs inside our tummies and hairballs are plain and simple annoying!


Mama, however, is overreacting as usual; and if you know her at all you’ll know one thing- she fusses, and is slightly paranoid... hence, off I was taken into that horrible carrier and the even more horrible metallic silver thing that Papa ‘drives’ (translation for the human readers: a car)... to the horrible vet place where they shaved some furs off my neck and stole my blood... and I came back home an hour later smelling of those stupid ‘disinfectants’!

It keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?

As it turns out- the vet lady (her name is Alexandra) wants to be sure that my ‘pancreatitis’ is not back... she said it’s a little ‘tricky’ as ‘I have a history’... hence the whole irritating chapter of ‘shaving’ and ‘blood stealing’...

The blood works results come out on Wednesday... we’ll see how it goes- I’m purring and so are the humans, in their own way. You guys purr for me too, okay? I really don’t like medicines, vets or pain- so I am guessing it’s easiest to go with the theory that hairballs are just that: stupid hairballs.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where has Mr Summer Gone.. ?

Do you know how cold it is these days, kitties?

Agreed, today wasn't so bad... it was sunny all morning and there were many magpies to watch; but as the night falls and the sun goes to sleep, the temperature again starts to fall. That is what is happening at this very moment. Bleh!

I’m pretty happy that we have a room heater that keeps us so warm. Sometimes if you are inside the house you cannot imagine at all how cold the outside is! Not that I’m complaining- I quite like the fact that no one can tell.

That probably means that this room heater you see in the picture, is my friend! It keeps me so warm and toasty!

Anyway... happy winter you all. I can’t wait for this winter to be over, but hey... it doesn’t mean we cannot be HAPPY in Winter!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Christmas in July 2010

For this year’s Christmas in July, I was paired up with The Island Cats- the wonderful trio of Ernie, Wally and Zoey!

I know I know.... I am so late in posting- my mommy had put all my new gifts away as I had the flu and she did not want to ‘germ’ my new toys, she does get a little too paranoid at times- but hey, I GOT THEM ALL NOW... AND I AM SUCH A HAPPY CAT!!!!!

Here goes the pics....

Look, THE BOX! It's a BIG BOX!!!!... and it's come JUST FOR ME!!! JUST FOR ME!!!!!

... and look what came out of the box- a Kong Kickaroo!!! *nom nom... bunny kick 'I was too quick for mama to take a *clear* pic... MOL!!!*

Meow what you will, kitties... but me, I'm NOT EVER coming out of this cube. Never!!! Never never never!!!!

See how all my Christmas gift toys are all laid out? Lots of stuff! Do you see them all, kitties? All? My black-and-white mousie with feather tail, a pink 'chhick chhick mousie', many ballsies, ting-tong spring toy... all? I'm having a PAR-TAY, am I not? Come play with me!

I like my pressies very very much.... yes purry very much.... and that pink ‘chhick chick mousie’ is my best friend these days... and inside that cube is the best place in this WHOLE UNIVERSE, I swear!

Thank you so much, The Island Cats... I love each and every one of those pressies.... thank you so so much! *Purrs*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Cat Award: July 2010

I know, I know... the subject line says 'July', whereas as of today that is 'last month', but my parents were away and I was in a pet hotel- and we did not get to give out my July's happy cat award... so here we go, late- true; but better late than never!

Anyway, since we all (Mama, Papa and I) were away last month- we decided we will not be tagging anyone in particular for this award. Rather, we will leave it open for ALL OF YOU- kitties, woofies and hoomans.... all of you who have been there for me, purred for me, read my blog.... you, you and YOU too- each one of you- this award is for ALL OF YOU. In other meows, if you are reading this post- this award is yours.


Here goes:

happy cat award july

Thank you for being my friends. Really. Now grab it and give out to anyone who has ever made your day!