Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Boy...

It is my purthhhday today! I am now 2 years old... I am a BIG BOY now!!

The humans say I still look like a kitten... and I say I don’t.... ‘cause kittens don’t look like I do now, kittens look like I did when this video was made... on my FIRST day with the humans!

Do you see how LITTLE I was! THAT is how a kitten looks like.

I now look like this:

Gorgeous Shera 7

This is how a CAT looks like.

I’m a big boy now. A cat, not a kitten. Period.

How where did that little mousie go, I wonder?

And oh, thank you for stopping by today :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fuzzy Logic

I could finally get my mummy to write a blog-post for me.

I have not been blogging much, but its all mummy’s fault... actually pappy’s too- but at least he is consistent- he never writes anyway!

Today, I put my paws DOWN... I wanted a blog-post!

To make my point, I took plenty of catnaps...


What? Only a human will say that catnaps don’t *really* make a point...

Well... they do make! If they did not- why do you think there is a blog-post today all of a sudden?

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Stealer of Blood

My humans took me to the vet AGAIN....

Routine stuff, they say.... But then the vet shaved my furs a little bit more and stole my blood... Yes, AGAIN!

Blood result on Tuesday. Whatever.