Friday, January 30, 2009



i like to paw and claw ants! they are my prey... MEOW! so many ants in my house... gbgbgbgbgb!

humans are silly. i think mama totally HATES ants! she was so upset when she saw them this morning... thousands of them crawling around in the kitchen... near the rubbish bin and my food bowls! i pounced with joy. i tried to show mama that preying ants is fun! she made her line of furs on her forehead come very near to each other- i think that means that she was upset. humans ARE silly!

mama put a larger bowl filled with water under my food bowl. she said that way ants cannot reach my food. humans say a lot of things, but i wonder if that is REALLY right... mama also put that cold white thing in my water bowl. she said it will keep my water cold on this hot day... i don’t know all that much, but the cold white thing floats in the water and gets smaller and smaller and then vanish! ... i put my paw in the water yesterday to touch that white thing. it was cold! and water tasted yummy and cold.

oh and i got to sleep ON papa’s furs last night! crook crook crook!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

turn off the heat!

i thought my house was on fire last night- it was so hot. i could not sleep and i kept on knocking and meowing at my humans’ bedroom door. i know humans can make things right with their miracle hands- i was hoping they will make the weather right too. i don’t think mama-papa heard me meowing at all, because they just kept on sleeping! if only i had hands- i’d open the door and get into that room and wake the humans up!

humans are not like cats- they sleep only once a day and for a long time. i think it’s very weird. how can an animal sleep for so long and so deep??!! what if a bigger animal comes and hunts them while they are sleeping?! i KNEW it would fall on me to guard the house. these humans cannot do a thing! oh well... so now poor little sherkhan (that’s ME obviously) stays awake and guards the house when the lazy humans sleep... sigh.

i heard the humans talking about the weather yesterday- they said it was 43 degrees cel-ci-us and that the whole city had a fire-ban etc etc. i have no clue what it means other than that it’s probably very hot and i am a furry kitten so it gets even more difficult for me! they also said that today will be 45- so it probably means MORE bad news.

i don’t want it to get hot. i want the humans to make it right! MEEEOW!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i am home alone again *sigh*.

mama told me that they need to leave me alone 5 days a week, so that mama and papa can hunt food for me. the humans have been hunting whiska’s kitten food for me the last few weeks- i decided i like beef flavour the best and chicken flavour the least. i wonder if mama will teach me how to hunt whiska’s, so that i can hunt beef flavours more than the chicken ones? maybe i should try to make her take me hunting with her!!

i did not bother mama too much this morning when she was going hunting. i am hoping that she will hunt beef for me today. mrew! she seemed upset that i chew her white ear wire (i think the humans call it an ‘ipod earpiece’) in two halves (or was she upset because they were not equal halves? may be i will do it better the next time!). meow.. also it scares me when mama is upset.i know humans make silly pets, but i sort of like it when they cuddle me and upset humans don’t cuddle kittens!

meeeow! i think my humans are silly. chirrup.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i am a restless kitty!

i think my humans are planning to leave me alone (again) in this house today, so i am making sure that they cannot do that! i am guarding the door and staying awake. i meowed at mama and groomed papa's hair, but i refused to let them cuddle me to sleep. so i am running around in the house and guarding the door.

yes, i WON'T stay alone today!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

i want to catch the clothes!

mama did the strangest thing today: she took the clothes that she kept inside a grass-cloured basket and put them inside the big white box in my litter room and then she did something that made the clothes turn round and round and round. i can see the clothes turning from the round window of the box and i tried to catch them- but i cannot! I CAN SEE BUT NOT TOUCH! something's wrong there, it seems.

i tried a lot and i am taking a rest now but i will go back in a while to try some more. I WANT TO CATCH THE CLOTHES!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009


oh the horror of eardrops!


mama and papa have been a source of pure torture the last ten days. they’d hold me down and put lots of eardrops in my ears- TWICE everyday! i feel so irritated by this that i’d put my back to them and not speak to them for some time- hoping they’d get the message. they don’t, humans are not all that intelligent actually.


the strange man with tabby-cat orange hair that they took me to (when they caught me trying to shake away the critters that were running around inside my ears)- he gave the humans this eardrop for me. true, the critters are gone now... and yes, probably this eardrop made them go away. but then they have been gone for DAYS now! why do they still put that horrid drop in my ears! MEEEEEOWWWWW!


stop it, humans. I WANT NO MORE EARDROPS!

home alone... again

i tried to trick mama to take me with her to her work AGAIN this morning. i am sure she has a lot of fun and does loadsa interesting thing when she is out! i want to have fun too... meeeeeow!

i try it every morning- i sit on her feet so that it carries me with her, i try to get in between her feet so that she won’t notice that i’m trying to get out of the door with her, i try to hide in her shoes before she wears them- she catches me every time and leaves me behind. i think i need to do something smarter so that she does not understand that i am trying to trick her.

it’s not that easy to trick humans- it seems.... who knows, maybe i’ll learn when i grow up... i’m just 3 months old- after all.... meeeow... i do not want to stay home alone... after all i am just a small kitten who needs a lot of cuddling!

Monday, January 19, 2009


mama opened this account for me today and i am trying to see what i can write here. let's see.

mama says she loves it best when i say meowrr. she's read it somewhere that when kittens say 'meowrr'- what they are actually saying is 'hello'. so.. whenever i say meowrr to her, she also meowrrs back to me. it makes me all confused because humans should not say meowrr... but it's alright anyway.

oh yes, i am turning 3 months old in 2 days. my birthday is on oct 21 and i came to stay with mama and papa on december 23- when i was 2 months and 2 days old. i know, it has not been long... not even a month, but we are doing fine as a family. the first day i came here- i was very scared- humans are so big and mama and papa were not the humans i was sort of used to seeing. also my brother who was brought with me to the pet shop got sold in the morning- to some other family. i don't know where he is now and how he is doing. anyways, as i was saying- the first day i was so sleepy, but i was scared to sleep- obviously because humans need to be kept on guard... and you cannot guard them when you are sleeping. so i went under the sofa and dozed off... i expected that the humans won't find me... but they found me. humans can be smart at times (not as smart as cats, but not as stupid as some cats think).... and mama took hold of me and petted me- and i started to purr. papa had never heard a cat purr before. i hear he was a big dog person and had very little idea about cats. but he searched in that big flat box of his (it's called a 'laptop'- as i learnt later), and found out that cats purr when they are happy- that made him very happy.

i purr a lot now. i like papa and mama too- they are more or less my family now. whenever they pick me up- i start purring, and they call me purr-oo when i do that. i wonder what purr-oo means, because my name is not that. my name is 'sherkhan'... i think. so yea- this is my life at the moment... i sleep, eat, purr, get petted, watch the humans do things and play- a life of a kitten is a life pretty well :)

more to come, but i should go and chase the noise machine under the sofa AT THIS MOMENT. meeeow, gotta go! chirp!