Thursday, January 22, 2009

home alone... again

i tried to trick mama to take me with her to her work AGAIN this morning. i am sure she has a lot of fun and does loadsa interesting thing when she is out! i want to have fun too... meeeeeow!

i try it every morning- i sit on her feet so that it carries me with her, i try to get in between her feet so that she won’t notice that i’m trying to get out of the door with her, i try to hide in her shoes before she wears them- she catches me every time and leaves me behind. i think i need to do something smarter so that she does not understand that i am trying to trick her.

it’s not that easy to trick humans- it seems.... who knows, maybe i’ll learn when i grow up... i’m just 3 months old- after all.... meeeow... i do not want to stay home alone... after all i am just a small kitten who needs a lot of cuddling!

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