Sunday, April 25, 2010

Power of Warm Laps

I did risk some sleep yesterday after all, and guess what- the human did not disappear!

Mama was saying something about this one being a long weekend for something called ‘ANZAC’ day; which probably means that no one is leaving home even tomorrow!

Now- that means warm laps to sleep on through the day! It is getting colder here everyday with splashes of rain.... so never undermine the importance of warm laps, will you?!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it ‘weekend’ over here?

It’s possible that it is (what the humans call it is) ‘weekend’ today, but I can’t be sure... I need to meow at Mama so that she can teach me how to read a ca-len-dar... but so far the human seems to be settling for the day with that foul smelling drink (translation for the human readers: coffee) and the flat black box (translation: laptop).

I’m keeping an eye on her from my ‘watchtower’, but I’m also wondering if I could take a nap... or will it be that by the time I wake up- the human will.... you know.... disappear?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lessons from Sherkhan: The Special Meow

Today, I will talk about the ‘special meow’.

There is a special meow I reserve for my humans... I don’t use it much, because it’s a ‘needy’ meow... and you should not show ANYONE that you are ‘needy’ at any point of time, after all! It’s against every rule in the ‘Great Cat Book’!

However, I only use it when I want them to drop everything they are doing and cuddle me. It’s a long soft and prolonged meow- it goes like this: meeeeeeeeow!

Let me tell you kitties, it makes my humans drop everything and rush their paws with opposable thumbs right at my direction... they’ll pick me up, kiss me and cuddle me while I’ll just make my place on their lap... eyes closed and doing pretty much nothing else.

I think it's good being a cat.

Monday, April 19, 2010


The toasty sunlight is not the only thing about winter that I rather like... I think winter can be quite a nice cuddle time!

Here, look:

This is Mama and me... I like to greet her with a kiss when she comes back home from her daily hunting. It’s a cute picture, isn’t it- despite Mama’s crazy hair (meow out loud!)!

You can tell we both like our cuddle times, can’t you?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Toasty Furs

It's Saturday!!!

Mama says weekends come early over here is Australia than the rest of the world. But Mama says it’s not all that good because it also goes away early. The reason for it is something humans call ‘time difference’ or ‘world clock’. I wouldn’t know much about these complicated human stuff, I’m a cat living my life in my simple ways- after all.

Simply put however, apparently the sun rises earlier in this part of the world than many and THAT tiny thing alone makes some sort of difference.

Talking of the sun, there is not much of that here in Australia these days. This is another thing about Australia- Mr Winter is now approaching this part of the world; making everything very cold. Good thing is- we still do get occasional sunny days...

Me... I like the sun, toasting my white, brown furs in the sun is one the favourite activities of my days.

I don’t want to sound inhospitable or anything like that... but will this Mr. Winter stay for long?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lessons from Sherkhan: How to make your humans listen to you

Today I will talk about how you can make your humans listen to you when they are busy....

1. Meow. Meow hard. Meow angry. Meow pleady... just meow away. More often than not- meows work like magic on humans- just remember ‘they love you’ and meow away! Also remember to look the most innocent while you do that; very important.

2. Sometimes meows don’t work. Sometimes humans need to do their stuff, and they try to ignore you. But remember- they feel guilty while they do that... use it. Keep on walking between their feet; keep on rubbing your body to their feet. Be persistent, don’t let it go.

3. If all else fails- sit on their feet while they are trying to walk away, practice your purrs too while you're at it. I guarantee you- if they love you enough (and chances are, they do... I mean, c’mon how can they NOT love us?), it will work!

With this, I end today’s lesson. Leave a meow in the comments letting me know how you go with it. Okay?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Survey & the Findings

A few weeks ago, in my old blog- I ran a survey trying to find out if many modern day kitties have seen a mouse or not.

Mama said that the results are quite interesting and they got her thinking (uh-oh)! She said that it seems that about 44% of the blogging cats who participated in the survey have, indeed, never seen a mouse (me included)!

Many years back, the sole reason for humans to keep a cat as a pet used to be to hunt and kill mice, just like they’d have woofies as pets so that they protect their housies from robbers and thieves... seems like those reasons are probably somewhat changing- at least in their priority...

Makes us think that maybe modern day humans appreciate us kitties (and woofies) more as ‘companions’ and that old reason is not the major reason for the humans to keep us as pets anymore?

Hmm... interesting... seems like the humans are learning! I always thought they make good pets! Now- if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to my kitty duty of ‘chasing the brush’ while papa cleans the house!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Story of Greenies!

Last year September, I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. After a month of treatment- I was as good as new. However, there were some casualties.... my food choice got much more limited; as my vet tells my humans- it is likely that I am stuck to the ‘prescription diet’ for life.

Now, life seems to be a long time, because I’m STILL on that diet... and seems like THAT is never going to change!! Meowwww!

You can imagine my delight when last week after my regular medical check up (following my boostie needle, meow!) with the vet... SHE GAVE ME GREENIES!!!!!

Apparently- my teeth needs some ‘exercise’ and I’m a very ‘mouth shy’ kitten (hence the option brushing them like humans do was out of the window with the magpies!). Now, if that is the way you get to get Greenies- being ‘mouth shy’ must be a good thing!

May be because I’ve been deprived of ‘variety’ in general for so many months- those 6 ‘Greenies’ that I get in a day... are brightening up my munch times....

I LOVE GREENIES! Now, isn’t it even better that I happen to have a friend who stays with me day and night... and he too is called ‘Greenie’?

Look! Here's me playing with my friend Greenie!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Starting a-meow!

Early this year, my furless mommy (and the only one that I can remember ever having) promised me that she will do a good job of keeping up with my blog. So far- she has not been very good in keeping her promise (bad bad mommy!).

Repose, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

However, today she has promised me again- that this time it's for real. She WILL now update my blog regularly. As a fresh start, we are moving to a brand new bloggie; but we remembered to bring all our old entries to the new place... as well as all the comments by my lovely kitty friends.

I hope you will drop by just as you used to. That will definitely help my mommy to keep her promise!