Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lessons from Sherkhan: How to make your humans listen to you

Today I will talk about how you can make your humans listen to you when they are busy....

1. Meow. Meow hard. Meow angry. Meow pleady... just meow away. More often than not- meows work like magic on humans- just remember ‘they love you’ and meow away! Also remember to look the most innocent while you do that; very important.

2. Sometimes meows don’t work. Sometimes humans need to do their stuff, and they try to ignore you. But remember- they feel guilty while they do that... use it. Keep on walking between their feet; keep on rubbing your body to their feet. Be persistent, don’t let it go.

3. If all else fails- sit on their feet while they are trying to walk away, practice your purrs too while you're at it. I guarantee you- if they love you enough (and chances are, they do... I mean, c’mon how can they NOT love us?), it will work!

With this, I end today’s lesson. Leave a meow in the comments letting me know how you go with it. Okay?


Everycat said...

Our Mum adores your floofy tum Sherkhan.

I like to stamp about on the computer keyboard to get attention. I have destroyed much work this way :) Oliver likes to flop down right infront of our humans when they are walking, so they trip over trying not to stand on him. Gerry jumps up on shoulders and heads!


brandi said...

Mama's first kitty would flop down right in front of a bean and beg for a belly rub right there. I sit on the daybed which is right by the computer and headbump mama till she pays me attention. And Dentabites are kept on the computer table!

Katnip Lounge said...

We subscribe to the screaming/meowing club. The Baby runs outside and garners a lot of attention that way. Some of us are big on getting in the parent's laps and givin' them the old back end veiw. This ALWAYS gets a reaction!

xx Lounge Kats

ps Maui says just a quick snuggle...he's too squirmy for any extended lovins!

Angel and Kirby said...

Those are very good lessons! WHen Kirby wants in the garage, he stands up and pats the door know and makes it rattle!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi Sherkhan! Thanks for visiting uSSSSS! You are a beautiful kitty! Our mommy wants to come and snorgle that belleh!!!

Love, uSSSSS

Dear Sherkhan's Mommy, Come over and snuggle with me anytime!

Love, Sam

VICKYFF said...

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