Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I love my food; and even though Mama tells me to eat it s-l-o-w-l-y I’m far too impatient for that. I guess what I’m getting at is that when Mama gives me my food- I simply gobble it up! And that’s what kittens with GOOD APPETITE do!

Now, what’s wrong with that?!

I did the same yesterday- the Science Plan wet chunks and my favourite dry Whiska’s... and then I felt funny. I walked up to the corner of the hallway and meowed for Mama... and when Mama rushed in she kept on asking me what was wrong... well, as if I knew what was wrong! I just knew that I felt funny and that was why I had asked for her- to TELL me what’s wrong... seems like even she did not know...


Well... after a while I threw up all that I had eaten- the dry food and the wet- EVERYTHING!

I felt better once I did that- but the HUMANS- they took me to the Animal Emergency Centre. Sigh. The vet there did the humiliating thing of measuring of my temperature (I meowed, complained and struggled but Papa held me strong!); then pressed my tummy and checked my teeth and said that I was okay.

Helloooo... wasn’t I saying the same thing after I puked- that I was okay and they don’t need to take me to a vet! The humans kept saying that it’s always better to be safe... not sure how those humiliating thermometers are in any way safe though. Humans are impossible at times; but I guess it’s just their way of showing that they care?

Guess Mama’ll AGAIN nag me to ‘not’ to eat my food without chewing... and I know she means well; but there you go! MEOW!


Monday, June 29, 2009

How do I fix this?

My humans keep saying how busy they are and all; that’s old news. But earlier when they said they were busy- they’d at least help me blog on the ‘weekends’ and be with me all day on weekends and all that- even though I’d not see them much through the rest of the ‘week’.... I thought that was bad- but still okay, as the humans need to hunt for my kitten food and all.... and I am a considerate kitty after all.

But the last few weeks? Unpardonable! In no way acceptable!!!

Guess what?! They are busy socializing with ‘other humans’ during the weekend- now how weird is that: choosing humans’ company over kittens’? Very, as all you kitties will agree with me. I’m pretty disappointed at my humans, to be honest :(.

Apparently the only little human friend that I have (Papa’s niece) is leaving this Melby-land next week; and her parents are too; so my humans think they should spend more time with the family while they are still here and, as unbelievable as it sounds, that only means that I am ‘not’ the top priority at the moment... what kind of a logic is THAT? I thought I was ALWAYS the TOP priority and nothing EVER changes that!

Can you tell why I am disappointed?!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitten Food: Sherkhan on a Mission

I don’t know about you other kitties but me, I like my food wet and full of stinky goodness. So my Mama, being the good human that she is, gives me my food just the way I like it: two pouches of wet food (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and some dry food to snack on through the day.

Till like two weeks back, I used to like Whiska’s kitten food as my preferred wet food – then... well... I stopped liking it.

Mama had a few boxes of Whiska’s in stock but she got concerned and gave me ‘Science Diet Chunky Chicken’ instead, so that I don’t go without dinner.

Papa thinks that was a mistake, he says- Mama is bit too indulgent and easily manipulated. And, I obviously know the art of manipulation- I am a kitten after all, it does not take much for me. Heehaahaa... so I mean, yea- may be Papa IS right- but ‘SHUSH, Papa’!

As I was saying- I don’t like Whiska’s anymore now, and Mama is having a hard time finding the exact Science Diet- as the local vet does not keep it in stock, neither does the local pet shop. She is placing the order with the vet today, but it may take some days to arrive. She is a little worried about what to do with my food.

Me? I’m still refusing to eat Whiska’s and asking Mama for my favourite stinky goodness every time she even ‘attempts’ to give me Whiska’s! I’m sure my trick will work....

Why? Well when you look like this do you even need to ask why?

No, you don’t! LOL!!

There is only one thing I’d need to say:

“Get your supply chains fixed, Science Diet! Jeez! I’m on a mission here! Help me help you, will you?”

Heehee... now- you kitties- do you like your food wet or dry?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


You know how my humans went for a trip lately and they are back now and things are getting back to normal? My mama has been looking at some old pics today and she says that they make her want to go to yet another trip!


I don’t think she will... as tomorrow she joins back work again and all.

Here’s a pic of my humans from a trip they had taken:

The Humans

Don’t you think they look happy?

See? My humans were born with their soul much like a bird’s.

I’d rather like it if it were like a cat’s instead.... they would not like taking trips so much if it were... *sigh*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Their rules may be weird- but I’m not complaining!

For the last 2 days my Mama has been working from home- which, in kitty terms, means that she is not changing her furs and going out of the house every morning even before the yellow thingy on the sky (insert by maussie: Sun) is up.

The human world has many rules- not much different from the kitty world in that aspect, as we have some too- but their rules are much much weird. As for my Mama, apparently she’s been ‘quarantined’- so as to be sure that if what she has is the ‘bad’ flu, she does not get to spread it on the other humans.

For me however, it means more cuddle time and more jumping on the lap time. I like it when my humans are home; so much that I end up ‘showing’ it. I know... not good... but I think my humans like it.

After the last time my humans disappeared- I think things are ‘finally’ coming back to ‘normal’. There is nothing a kitty likes more than that after all: a perfect predictable life.

Monday, June 15, 2009

back in full swing

I know I have not been around much, but I have been well and perky.

I went on a vacation to the cat boarding place while my humans went off to some far far away jungle... I hear there was an ocean too- and lots of good food (and wine), and many games of scrabble. Oh yes, there was a woofie too. A lady woofie named Hannah. I saw the pics of my Mama petting that woofie. She did not look any special to me- that Hannah, but Mama says she was nice.

mama with hannah

I prefer if you don't believe Mama on this. I'm just a little territorial about my humans.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An update on my humans

My humans are again crazy busy and no one to help me blog as much as I’d like to.

They are home in the evenings, but they look tired. I guess Mama, on top of that, has pain in her throat and is a little cough-y. She just hopes it’s not the bad flu a lot of humans are getting these days. I think Mama totally does not want to get sick as she has a big weekend planned and she does not want her plans to get spoilt.

I think she misses the ocean a lot and is going to the never ending waters for some change of wind. Papa, on the other hand, loves the forest and the mountain- so they chose to go to a place called ‘The Otway Ranges’- where they get all of these and more. I understand someone liking trees, even mountains- must be fun to climb them and all- but the ocean?!


Humans are silly. Even Ren-human and Ron-human are going with Mama and Papa to the ocean, mountain and forest place. Why do humans have wings under their feet? Can’t they just take weekends easy doing predictable things and not act all erratic? Feh! They do need to learn to be cosy in their surroundings from us cats. But what can you do anyway?

While the humans are away- I will be staying at my regular cat boarding place where the Melissa-human will take care of me. And the Ren-human will take me there on Friday- as both Mama and Papa needs to work that day. Mama thinks it’s very nice of the Ren-human to offer to help her out. I think the Ren-human likes me. But then- who can help it? *giggle*

I hear Ren-human did not like cats before she knew me. And now she thinks cats are nice. She cuddles me and plays with me and I like her a lot too. Mama thinks that it is to my credit that I could make a human change her mind about how she felt about cats. Sometimes humans say nice stuffs.

Anywho, this is news so far from little Sherkhan. As you see, I have been busy with much pondering. How have you kitties been?

[PS: I have received an award and Mama promises that she’d help me post about it soon; she just needs a little time]