Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitten Food: Sherkhan on a Mission

I don’t know about you other kitties but me, I like my food wet and full of stinky goodness. So my Mama, being the good human that she is, gives me my food just the way I like it: two pouches of wet food (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and some dry food to snack on through the day.

Till like two weeks back, I used to like Whiska’s kitten food as my preferred wet food – then... well... I stopped liking it.

Mama had a few boxes of Whiska’s in stock but she got concerned and gave me ‘Science Diet Chunky Chicken’ instead, so that I don’t go without dinner.

Papa thinks that was a mistake, he says- Mama is bit too indulgent and easily manipulated. And, I obviously know the art of manipulation- I am a kitten after all, it does not take much for me. Heehaahaa... so I mean, yea- may be Papa IS right- but ‘SHUSH, Papa’!

As I was saying- I don’t like Whiska’s anymore now, and Mama is having a hard time finding the exact Science Diet- as the local vet does not keep it in stock, neither does the local pet shop. She is placing the order with the vet today, but it may take some days to arrive. She is a little worried about what to do with my food.

Me? I’m still refusing to eat Whiska’s and asking Mama for my favourite stinky goodness every time she even ‘attempts’ to give me Whiska’s! I’m sure my trick will work....

Why? Well when you look like this do you even need to ask why?

No, you don’t! LOL!!

There is only one thing I’d need to say:

“Get your supply chains fixed, Science Diet! Jeez! I’m on a mission here! Help me help you, will you?”

Heehee... now- you kitties- do you like your food wet or dry?


Angel and Kirby said...

Angel has never been a big fan of wet food., Kirby will eat any thing I put in his bowl! Lately Angel has started locking up the gravy so she gets all the gravy and some chunks and Kirby gets the rest. They share one pouch at night.

mplay said...

If your Mama needs, I expect the vet can order her SD by the case. She could also try Dr. Pitcairn's book on making cat & dog food. Making your own is time-consuming but fun and I recommend getting a vet-approved recipe for the event that you run out, just in case!

My dogs (and mouse!) eat Evo food. You might PFFT! at me, but Evo dry for cats will keep your teeth white and the slow-cooked meat proteins and low carb composition (the next best thing to fresh!) can actually make your coat nicer and make you less allergenic. Our dog food budget is now more than our food budget for two was when we married, but the dogs look amazing. Your Mama can ask your vet what he/she thinks. When you are older, you will still like wet food but your health might mean you need to try the dry.

The Crew said...

I say, if it works for you, keep it up!!

We only get dry kibbles Iam's. Once in a while Mom will open pouch food, but not very often. When Mom has tuna, we get tuna water with a little tuna in it.

As you can see, we're very deprived.

Cliff and Olivia said...

Well. We eat roughly 15 brands of high quality wet food. We've never had Whiskas, though. We share one(!) pouch or can (50-100 g) a day. We always have access to dry food. A couple of high quality brands at a time mixed together in our bowl. We get very not pleased if we get the same kind of food for more than a few days. Well, we're spoiled. What can you say.

maussie said...

@ A & K and The Crew:
Thank you! The info helps me as I'm trying to determine what would be the best for Sherkhan.

Thanks honey. Sherkhan HATES Evo Kitten. I think I have totally spoilt him. But this Science Plan has no carb and high in Protein and less preservative too...

Thanks! I hate it when Mama tries to give me the same food for days in stretch, too!