Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Busy Body

Oh kitties... I am so busy these days....!!!

My humans are home these days- and there's so much to do!!!

I'm playing playing playing like there's no tomorrow....


1. I am now the humans' official alarm clock. 

2. I am also their lap warmer. 

3. And their groomer. 

I guess I'm just very happy that they decided to stay at home with me in this holiday... instead of taking a stupid vacation! 

Now they know how much better this option actually is! About time too. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's my Gotcha Day!

So... it has now been two whole years that I have been with my humans; impressive.

Now two years may not seem long but I am a two-year-old kitty, so basically that's my WHOLE life! Hey, that's the longest time I have ever seen!

Anyway- it's been a quiet day at our house. Much like my humans, I also like celebrating special days without too much fuss- just acknowledging and doing something special in the family...

... and I sure am glad that some kitties remembered. Thank you.

I sure am a lucky kitty to have kitty buddies like you!