Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An update on my humans

My humans are again crazy busy and no one to help me blog as much as I’d like to.

They are home in the evenings, but they look tired. I guess Mama, on top of that, has pain in her throat and is a little cough-y. She just hopes it’s not the bad flu a lot of humans are getting these days. I think Mama totally does not want to get sick as she has a big weekend planned and she does not want her plans to get spoilt.

I think she misses the ocean a lot and is going to the never ending waters for some change of wind. Papa, on the other hand, loves the forest and the mountain- so they chose to go to a place called ‘The Otway Ranges’- where they get all of these and more. I understand someone liking trees, even mountains- must be fun to climb them and all- but the ocean?!


Humans are silly. Even Ren-human and Ron-human are going with Mama and Papa to the ocean, mountain and forest place. Why do humans have wings under their feet? Can’t they just take weekends easy doing predictable things and not act all erratic? Feh! They do need to learn to be cosy in their surroundings from us cats. But what can you do anyway?

While the humans are away- I will be staying at my regular cat boarding place where the Melissa-human will take care of me. And the Ren-human will take me there on Friday- as both Mama and Papa needs to work that day. Mama thinks it’s very nice of the Ren-human to offer to help her out. I think the Ren-human likes me. But then- who can help it? *giggle*

I hear Ren-human did not like cats before she knew me. And now she thinks cats are nice. She cuddles me and plays with me and I like her a lot too. Mama thinks that it is to my credit that I could make a human change her mind about how she felt about cats. Sometimes humans say nice stuffs.

Anywho, this is news so far from little Sherkhan. As you see, I have been busy with much pondering. How have you kitties been?

[PS: I have received an award and Mama promises that she’d help me post about it soon; she just needs a little time]


Angel and Kirby said...

We hope your humans have a good weekend. Mom looked The Otway Ranges up and it looks like a wonderful place. She thinks she would enjoy it too!

Mauzzie said...

Mama thinks your Mom would like Otways too.
My mama is very excited and keeping her fingers crossed that the bad flu keeps at bay :)