Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lessons from Sherkhan: The Special Meow

Today, I will talk about the ‘special meow’.

There is a special meow I reserve for my humans... I don’t use it much, because it’s a ‘needy’ meow... and you should not show ANYONE that you are ‘needy’ at any point of time, after all! It’s against every rule in the ‘Great Cat Book’!

However, I only use it when I want them to drop everything they are doing and cuddle me. It’s a long soft and prolonged meow- it goes like this: meeeeeeeeow!

Let me tell you kitties, it makes my humans drop everything and rush their paws with opposable thumbs right at my direction... they’ll pick me up, kiss me and cuddle me while I’ll just make my place on their lap... eyes closed and doing pretty much nothing else.

I think it's good being a cat.


brandi said...

I tried my demanding meoww this morning. Woke my mama up really early for fresh water and foodies! I didn't give up until she got up. I got my demands, too.
She said she didn't particularly like getting up way before the sun.

Angel and Kirby said...

Angel has different Meows for different things. Her 'play' Meow is the loudest!

Katnip Lounge said...

May Ling has the plaintive meeze down to an art form. Mommy & Daddy are slaves to her meeze! Some of us prefer a gentle claw to the scalp, instead.
xx Lounge Kats