Monday, January 19, 2009


mama opened this account for me today and i am trying to see what i can write here. let's see.

mama says she loves it best when i say meowrr. she's read it somewhere that when kittens say 'meowrr'- what they are actually saying is 'hello'. so.. whenever i say meowrr to her, she also meowrrs back to me. it makes me all confused because humans should not say meowrr... but it's alright anyway.

oh yes, i am turning 3 months old in 2 days. my birthday is on oct 21 and i came to stay with mama and papa on december 23- when i was 2 months and 2 days old. i know, it has not been long... not even a month, but we are doing fine as a family. the first day i came here- i was very scared- humans are so big and mama and papa were not the humans i was sort of used to seeing. also my brother who was brought with me to the pet shop got sold in the morning- to some other family. i don't know where he is now and how he is doing. anyways, as i was saying- the first day i was so sleepy, but i was scared to sleep- obviously because humans need to be kept on guard... and you cannot guard them when you are sleeping. so i went under the sofa and dozed off... i expected that the humans won't find me... but they found me. humans can be smart at times (not as smart as cats, but not as stupid as some cats think).... and mama took hold of me and petted me- and i started to purr. papa had never heard a cat purr before. i hear he was a big dog person and had very little idea about cats. but he searched in that big flat box of his (it's called a 'laptop'- as i learnt later), and found out that cats purr when they are happy- that made him very happy.

i purr a lot now. i like papa and mama too- they are more or less my family now. whenever they pick me up- i start purring, and they call me purr-oo when i do that. i wonder what purr-oo means, because my name is not that. my name is 'sherkhan'... i think. so yea- this is my life at the moment... i sleep, eat, purr, get petted, watch the humans do things and play- a life of a kitten is a life pretty well :)

more to come, but i should go and chase the noise machine under the sofa AT THIS MOMENT. meeeow, gotta go! chirp!

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