Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MEOW!!! I don’t like ‘July’!

Mama tells me that this time of the year is the coldest one of the year the part of the world we live in. I wouldn’t know for certain though. This is my first July, after all! All I know is that is really is quite cold these days and you know the best place to be when the temperature is like this?

Right in front of the big black box that gives out HEAT!

I ask Mama every morning not to go hunting for the day. She does not listen even though she says she’d like to. When she is home- I have a very warm bed on her lap and lots of cuddles. It’d have been good if Papa stayed in, too. I cannot decide whose lap I like more- Mama’s or Papa’s- because while Mama’s is cushier, Papa’s has more space...

The kinds of dilemma a kitten has to go through... *sigh*.


Angel and Kirby said...

We are so sorry it is so cold. Does it get really hot in the 'summer'. He are having 100 plus days here!

maussie said...

It does get very hot in summers too... We get 40c's- I think that's as hot as a 100F's?