Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health update

I have stomach infection- and that is what is causing me so much grief. Sigh.

And as you would be able to correctly guess, I was taken to the vet last night- after my humans got back home and found the situation unchanged. I have had this thing as a kitten, and guess what- it’s not fun. It hurts your belly and makes your food taste bad... and also- it makes you sleep a lot.

The doctor had told Mama that I am a little ‘prone’ to parasitic infections in the stomach- but with proper attention, I should be okay. That was the major reason the humans had taken medical insurance for me all those months back. It probably means that my humans love me and wants to take care of me... properly.

And they are... Even when I am being difficult and refusing the medicine-mixed food; and not opening my mouth to take syrupy med they are trying to syringe into my mouth!

I suspect a lot of vet visits in the coming week. Meow!


Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad they found out what is making you feel bad. We know the medicines taste bad, but you need to take them. Mom has been giving Kirby his in his food and he has not noticed! We are purring that you get better soon!

maussie said...

Thank you A & K.
I sniff it out every time Mama and Papa mixes it to my food and I meow and demand that they give me a fresh new bowl of food.
Mama thinks I am fussy :)