Sunday, May 17, 2009


I get very little sleep on weekends... I am amazed at some things humans do when they are home and I choose to watch them over sleeping!

One of those things is what they call 'doing laundry'. You see- it's when they wash their furs in a big white noisy machine.

Mama did her 'laundry' yesterday and I was adament that I WILL catch the 'furs' this time from that round window of that big white machine. So I did this:

Sigh. I still could not catch the clothes :(

Wish me luck for next time, eh?

[Note from Maussie:
Apologies for the video quality. I know it's bad :). I just did not want to distract Sherkhan by getting up to turn the lights on]


Angel and Kirby said...

Illyana will be going to her real home soon. She has a brother that is 9 weeks old and she was born on 2/14/09! you can follow her to her big sisters blog at

Mom will be taking her to them in a couple of weeks. We would love to keep her, but she has been a dream on Mom's son.

We don't understand laundry, wither, but do love the baskets!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Hahaha. We've never tried that. But it looks like Cliff when he's trying to catch the cursor. Silly boy.


Dilani said...

Someone is in there
Someone is in there!

Nice video
Don't worry about the quality
Take care!

maussie said...

LOL! Thanks Dilani :)