Saturday, May 16, 2009

rugs are good!!!

My humans are home; and even though I just see one of them now, I know the other is behind that door on his human bed taking his nap. That tells me that today is a 'weekend'.

Mama told me that I am almost 7 months old now. Almost, as in- I still have 7 days to go. She kept on talking to Papa about how time flies and how it seems like yesterday when the humans got me home. I does not seem like 'yesterday' to me though. I have been in my home forever now!

Anyway, Mama looked into her big black box (insert by maussie for the human readers: laptop); and found some of my videos from when I was a kitten. Apparently, I have not changed much except for my size. I am bigger now...

YES! I am a BIG BOY now!

So here's a video of me playing with the floor rug and the cat tunnel in the living room from about 5 months back:

I was so silly *sneers* (and small)!


unknowntheartist said...

Super cute, I have noticed these tunnels around on a few different cat blogs. The kitties seem to love sliding in them! Who knew?

maussie said...

@ unknowntheartist:
Thank you :)
They absolutely LOVE those tunnels!!! and it's timeless. My kitten still plays with the same tunnel :)

Angel and Kirby said...

You were a sweet baby! Your Mom is lucky to have baby pictures. We were 6 months old before we got our furever home!

Country Cats said...

That was some good rug wrestling!

maussie said...

@Angel & Kirby:

I did see Kirby's got'cha day photos that you posted a few months back, and he looked very little there as well!

@ Country Cats:

Yes! It was fun. My mama likes rugs and we have loads in our house. I wrstle with each of them and this reddy-rust-coloured one is my favourite!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Super cute. What a beautiful kitten you were.