Monday, April 20, 2009

obviously, i want everything

You know how humans do not get out to hunt 2-days a week? I think they call it their 'weekend'. Whatever that word means... those are the two days humans eat what they have hunted all week and do not do much.. That's exactly what my humans did last two days.

It's all good. Really. I decided I like 'weekends', only thing I don't quite like is the way Mama does not wake up as early and needs a LOT of meowing for her to wake up. I don't give up, though. I keep meowing. I do my kitten-duty well, don't I?

But we are on a schedule here after all!

You know what would be good? It would be good if humans had weekends ALL week AND on weekends humans got up as early as they normally do on weekdays!

Kitties out there- a better idea- or just keep on meowing?


Angel and Kirby said...

Humans think they can catch up on sleep! Our Mom is home all day, now. We like it.

maussie said...

@ Angel and Kirby

Yes, Mama said something similar... I don't get it though. Cats need small naps many a times through the day, and humans take just one- but a LONG one.

It's good that your Mama is staying in now. I wish my Mama did as well.

brandi said...

my mama is still home with me, so it is really nice, isn't it? I gaved you an award. Come see, ok?

maussie said...

@ brandi

Thank you so much! I am a happy kitty! Mama came back home very late today and is too tired to help me blog... She promises she'll post it as soon as she has some time to breathe (silly humans say silly things!)

Cliff and Olivia said...


We love weekends. We usually gets to go to the summer house. We love that!

maussie said...

@ Cliff and Olivia

I checked out your site and you live in a pretty place!


Carnival of the Cats #268 said...

[...] obviously, i want everything from Sherkhan [...]

Dilani said...

Your writtings are awsome
All the best