Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is my human cheating on me?

I’d like to apologise to the kitties and humans who read my blog and left comments in the past few weeks. I have not been a good friend lately. I have things piling up on me- have lots of blogs to visit. I blame it all on Mama.

Sherkhan, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Mama had a headache yesterday. She said it was caused by some sort of wisdom tooth (?) coming out and err... fire alarms (!). The fire alarm went off at her work- as there was some sort of fire in the downstairs supermarket- and that sound, together with the pain in her gums, gave her a ‘migraine’.

She skipped dinner last night and locked herself up in darkness of that room in our jungle... you know, the one with the huge human bed? Yes, there.

Now... how is THAT going to help things exactly is beyond me.

She went hunting this morning though. My point is- if she chose to be all by herself last night, shouldn’t she have stayed in with me today at least?

I feel so un-loved! Do you think she found herself another kitten to love?



Angel and Kirby said...

Those migraine's are bad. They make the whole world hurt. The best thing for them is dark and quite. I am sure she will play with you tonight!

Huffle Mawson said...

I am sorry your mum had a migraine. Mine gets them too and she is No Fun when that happens. I doubt she has found another kitten, who could resist your face?