Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I’ve been well. You?

I was taken to the vet last week- for what I’d think is nothing out of ordinary- constipation, as humans call it. Mama had read somewhere that constipation might not be a disease in itself- but it can be a symptom of some. Obviously, just because someone has written it into a book and printed it- the human needs to believe it.... ‘almost annoying’- the humans, as I meowed earlier.

I should write a book someday with the mantra ‘no vet visits EVER please’. Do you think that’ll help the Catkind?

This vet who saw me that night wasn’t so bad though. I think his name was Andrew Telford, and the way he handled me seemed less humiliating, if you know what I mean; I also like Rachel McCue- she handled me one time before... when the humans were hit by another bout of paranoia some months ago.

So kitties, if you live in Melbourne and looking for good vets around- you may want to try these two. They are not AS bad as the most.

And about my constipation, well... it was deemed as nothing too serious. I was advised half a tea spoon of Bene Fibre with every meal from now on... and I quite like it with my food. Also I’ve been eating well etc.

I have also been playing a lot. It’s almost like I found a treasure full of ‘energy’ hidden somewhere in my jungle!


Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad it was nothing! our Mom agrees that is better to be safe than sorry.

brandi said...

I am soo glad it was an easy fix. And that you even LIKE it. How cool can you be!

Cliff and Olivia said...

What can we say - humans. Glad nothing was wrong, though.

Carolina, Bugsy, Hope and Lucky said...

Hi there -
I am so glad you are doing all better!!! Thank you for stopping by our blog.... As you can see... we are Two Ragdolls, and a DLH - Hope... You actually look a lot like Lucky, the princess of the household.... Meowmy, the human feeder, was also very worried about adding a new family member into the mix... Bu then she brought Bugsy - another Ragdoll. Bugsy was a retired breeder... Meowmy says she called the lady and said: I want a companion, but one who doesn't have a drop of alpha in his blood - she said "Bugsy!" Bugsy is anything but Alpha!
And that is how our family started to grow.... Hope is a foster, but it looks like she might stay.... meowmy is a sucker an is completely in love for that white bag of fur...
It was the best thing meowmy did, to bring the other ones in - hard to admit, you know, but hey, what can we do?
Anyways, have you been to The cat Site? - check it out... It has helped meowmy a whoooooole lot!
I placed a link to you blog on my blog - I hope we can be friends?
Headbutts and purrs