Friday, August 14, 2009

Up above the world so high

Up above the world so high

Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

I have a special meow for Mama... it’s the one I meow when I want her to cuddle me. I put my two front paws on her lap and go ‘mmmmeeeeeowwww’, I remember to make my voice the most kitten-like on those occasions.

It has its effects on her, trust me. It makes her drop everything she is doing and cuddle and pet me; just the way I like it- with hand strokes, nose rubs and holding me with her long arms wrapped around me- while talking to me in a soft human language.

Mama says this is the highlight of her days, the way I demand affection. She must love me a lot to think like that, don’t you think?

And I must love her lots to actually ask her to cuddle me.

We cats don’t do that quite often.

We mean what we say and however manipulative we seem to be sometimes, we are an honest species.


Angel and Kirby said...

Angel is not a cuddle kitty, either, but she has that same special Meow when she wants up in my lap. It is getting to be almost every day now!

maussie said...

@ A&K: I know what you mean. It's an everyday thing for Sherkhan too. And it is such a sweet meow :). I just love it.