Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I hiss the Mondays away?

It’s been long since Mama figured out that I am not a Monday-cat; as in, of all the days in the 7-day-cluster that humans call ‘a week’- I like Mondays the least!

On Mondays- I meow more, I definitely do NOT want Mama to get out of that door for her daily hunting; on Mondays I’m super-cranky because I hardly EVER get my way on this: Mama hardly ever misses her hunting!!

I guess it is a way to tell that weekends spoil me rotten. I must have picked this up from the humans..... which leads me to think- you know you are living with humans for a long time when you start to pick up their sentiments for a particular day of ‘the week’!

I believe it will be no surprise when I say that of my 17 months life so far- I have spent 15 of them with my humans.... a quick calculation... and that is 88% of my life so far...?

Quite some time, heh? Meow!


The Creek Cats said...

We're not Monday cats either and neither is our mommy!

Sweet Praline said...

I don't like Monday's either!

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Tracey said...

I am not a Monday cat either. And I have spent less than half of my life with my mum and dad!

Oh by the way, this is me, Huffle Mawson. Mum was logged in and I didn't realise.

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