Saturday, March 7, 2009

home sweet home

As all you all cats will agree, cats are superior beings. Thus we need to have some sort of 'weight' in the way we carry ourselves to the outer world. Well, I almost failed that today. Well, almost. I'll tell you how :|. Keep it to yourselves though, consider it a 'cat secret'.

Mama got me home from that place- you know where cats take their time-outs from humans (insert by Mauzzie for the human readers: cat boarding)- when I came back to my house I was overjoyed: I sniffed around, scratched the human seats (insert my Mauzzie for the human readers: sofasets), marked the humans, ate from my food bowl- just so I know things are still the same, sniffed my litter tray. Everything was in order!

We cats like things to remain as they are, always. It makes us happy to see that those poor humans still smell the same and nothing was moved around the house. One of my humans is a little sick and his eye smells different- but he still smells like he did otherwise. So- I'm not too bothered about that strange eye.

Oh I digress. As I was saying, you see- in my territorial ramblings- I almost 'told' the humans that I missed them! Now that the things are back to some sort of normal- I am working again to uphold cat supremity.

As a first step- I'm sleeping on my window seat, and NOT on my human's lap!

Just a whisper to other cats though: I'm glad everything smells the same; and the home still feels like home. I can nap peacefully now for a good few hours.

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angel and Kirby said...

We know you are glad to be home with Mama and Daddy .