Friday, March 20, 2009

kitten memories

Today- I've decided that I will share some of my favourite pics with you kitties. These pics are a few months old, from around December 2008. I was 2 months old then.


Now tell me, don't you think I am cute as a kitten? Oh wait... I AM a kitten! I guess I am just CUTE AS...!



Angel and Kirby said...

Those are cute pictures. We are not lap kitties ans Mom misses it!

brandi said...

you are very very cute! Hope your papa is doing fine and healing. We (mama and I) are sending purrayers and huggs.

maussie said...

@ Angel and Kirby: Thank you. Mama says I am an ultimate lap kitten. She loves it too, even though I meow a lot for her lap when I get sleepy :)

@ Brandi: Thanks you, you are a very cute one yourself too! And thank your mama too from me and my mama for the purrayers for Papa. Papa is getting better- but very slowly, as eyes take a long time to heal.

Country Cats said...

You are very cute Sherkhan!

maussie said...

@ Country Cats:

Thank you very much. I also think all 3 of you are very very cute!

dilanim said...

You are cute as a “Fairy”. I think your mom tell you fairy tales everyday. :)