Thursday, February 5, 2009

cats purr when they are happy... mirrup!

i purred so much today that i thought may be my purrbox will run out!

i was so happy to see mama after the whole day. i purred purred and purred... i even drooled all over her... i marked her with my head so that all the cats in the world know that she's my human! I licked her, nibbed her and then i slept on her... right on her shoulders! she laughed a lot, but she also gave me lots of cuddles!!! i think she likes me... miaw!

anyways... all is well now. mama and papa have been home for a while and i am not as desperate now. i am watching the birds from the window... and trying to plot a plan... i wonder how i can sneakily get into mama-papa's room and stay there for the night.... hmm.. i need to plot a plan... meeow!

and mirrp... i made sure to check my purrbox... so i did a small purring test on mama again and IT WORKED! i did not run out! phew! after all, if i stop purring all of a sudden one day- i'll be just half a cat and THAT cannot be good!


Nikita said...

Welcome to the CatBlogosphere!

Glad you didn't lose your purrability! ;-D

maussie said...

mama will help me today to have your rss on my blog too! purrrr... mirrup!

maussie said...

thank meow!

Nikita said...

U R welcome!

While I appreciate that, it would be best just to add a Link to Nikita's Place using the link in my name on this comment, if you are so inclined, because the RSS is for the whole blog, and not just MY part of it, meaning you get Daddy'S posts as well as mine.

I am writing down your website URL so I can add it to my Blogroll, when Blogrolling is finally fixed and I can add links again.