Saturday, February 14, 2009

i 's been busy :D

i know i have been gone for some days and have not been in touch with my new friends, but here's pretty much what i did all this time!

me sleeping



Country Cats said...

Naps are furry important. We understand this. Happy to see you back, though. Happy Valentine's Day!

mp@lj said...

You are the prettiest kitty! Eee! *snuzzles*

Naps are important for little kitties. <3

maussie said...

thank mew! :)
naps are furry important. in fact i am getting my mama to reply to you while i am taking my nap- even now!

maussie said...

thank you... mama told me that rosie was ill and went to the v-e-t. i am sending healing purrs your way.