Sunday, February 1, 2009

meeeeow... i hate ants!

no, i don't like ants anymore. they crawl on me and bite me and i keep running around the house. i think mama and papa has been trying to get rid of them for me today... mama wiped them off with a foul smelling liquid. there were hundreds of them near my food bowl and millions in my litter room.

i hate to admit it, but the hiumans were right. ants are annoying... and i am annoyed!

meeow... i want the ants gone!


Country Cats said...

We had a small ant attack back in the summer. We did not like them at all. We hit some of them with our paws till they were deaded.

maussie said...

i tried that the first day till they got smart and started to crawl on me... meeow!
where i live, it's summer now! this is also my first summer...